How much weed is in the car? Analise Salazar: “a lot”

20-year-old Analise Salazar was jailed on April 7th after police found 60 grams of marijuana in her car during a traffic stop. Police pulled Salazar over for turning left at a red light in her Nissan Altima. When they approached her, they could smell an obvious odor of marijuana. The officers explained why she was being stopped and asked if there was any weed in the car which she replied yes. They asked her how much weed was in the car, and she replied, “A lot.” The vehicle search yielded a significant amount of marijuana separated into baggies and containers. Police also found several bongs and pipes with burnt residue, a scale, and a grinder. Salazar was transported to booking.

Brayden Ezell charged in assault of her brother, breaking into her parents’ room

20-year-old Brayden Ezell was jailed on April 8th after slapping her brother in the face and holding a knife in his direction. Officers responded to Highland View Court, where her brother Joe Yarrito told police that their parents had left the house, and they were given specific instructions not to go into their bedroom. Ezell used a kitchen knife to break into the parents’ room. Yarrito stated that he confronted his sister and told her she shouldn’t be doing that, but she went into their parents’ bedroom anyway and carried a box of documents to her room.

Yarrito followed her and tried to take back the box. He placed one hand on her to prevent her from attacking him and picked up the box when she slapped him across the face. He returned the box of documents to his parent’s room, and Ezell followed. He was standing on one side of the bed, and she picked up the knife she used to pry open the door and pointed it at him, saying, “You don’t know what I’m capable of.” He told police that her statement made him fear for his life. Ezell admitted to using the knife to break into the room and pointing it in her brother’s direction. There was evidence of a forceful entry through the parents’ bedroom door.

Theresa Paul charged in assault of Mr. Dick’s shaft & jewels during drunken argument

42-year-old Theresa Paul was jailed Friday afternoon after trying to push officers out of her house who were there because of her alleged attack against her boyfriend. Officers responded to Chestnutwood Trail home in Hermitage for a domestic disturbance after Ms. Paul’s boyfriend, Charles Dick, called in about her attacking him in a drunken rage. When officers arrived, Mr. Dick shouted, “She won’t let you in,” from an upstairs window. Officers asked Mr. Dick to come downstairs and let them in. When he finally invited the officers in, Ms. Paul approached them aggressively and tried to push them back out of the house. She was immediately taken into custody.

Mr. Dick told police that he and Ms. Paul were at a concert last night, and she was extremely drunk and aggressive towards him. He slept on the couch, hoping to speak to her the next day while she was sober, but when he got home from work that day, she was already drunk. Ms. Paul immediately got upset and began to punch him when he tried speaking with her. She would stop for a moment and go back to punching him. Mr. Dick showed officers video footage of Ms. Paul punching, kicking, and slapping him. Mark Wellesley lives with Ms. Paul and Mr. Dick and witnessed part of the assault. He told officers that he saw Ms. Paul kick and grab at Mr. Dick’s shaft and family jewels during the assault.

Tourist Jonathan Becnel so drunk the jail refused to take him #VisitMusicCity

21-year-old Jonathan Patrick Becnel was sitting on the ground outside of Nudie’s Honky Tonk when officers working the Entertainment District Initiative stopped to check on his welfare as he appeared very intoxicated and unable to care for himself. Becnel was unable to stand on his own, and as officers attempted to get him to medics, he began to push and get away. He was then taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest as he was combative during the entire encounter. Once at booking, DCSO staff refused to accept Becnel due to his extreme level of intoxication, so he was then taken to Metro General Hospital via ambulance.

Ja’Corious Hudson charged after fight outside Lucky Bastard Saloon in downtown Nashville

Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Friday night observed 19-year-old Ja’Corious Hudson outside of Lucky Bastard Saloon yelling and pushing at another individual in an attempt to instigate a fight. As officers approached and advised him to move along, Hudson continued to push the other individual. He was taken into custody and pulled away from officers during the arrest, earning him a resisting charge in addition to disorderly conduct.

Cruz Crisantos Cortez bounced from Rippy’s Honky Tonk, refuses to stop going back inside

Metro Nashville Police responded to Rippy’s Honky Tonk on Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday night in response to 30-year-old Cruz Crisantos Cortez, who was kicked out of the bar due to being disorderly. As officers arrived, he attempted to re-enter the bar, being belligerent and causing a scene on the sidewalk. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct when he refused to cooperate with officers.

Cache Handy charged in flower vase assault of her child’s father when she’s accused of cheating

25-year-old Cache Handy was jailed on an outstanding warrant charging her with the domestic assault of her partner, Daviel Grant. He came to the Family Safety Center to report the couple had been arguing most of the prior evening due to him having an appointment and her getting home late due to traffic. At some point, the argument escalated and he says he confronted her about cheating. She reportedly began to throw things around the kitchen and swiped a flower vase from the counter in his direction, which broke and cut his leg, leaving an injury that police documented.

Burglary: Woman breaks into home to steal back dog she admits to giving away 6 months prior — Trisha Patel

28-year-old Trish Patel is charged with felony aggravated burglary after she forced her way into an East Nashville Home and attempted to steal a dog named ‘Kovu’, which she freely admits she had previously given to the new owner six months prior. When confronted by officers, Patel fully confessed. She was charged with aggravated burglary and booked into the Metro Nashville Jail.

She is free on a $2,500 cash bond.

79-year-old man charged after calling girlfriend a ‘whore’ & assaulting her at a Nashville bar — Melvin Davis

79-year-old Melvin Davis is free on a $2,000 bond after Nashville police say he called his girlfriend a ‘whore’ and proceeded to strangle her and strike her in the face multiple times while at a Nashville bar this weekend. An employee of the venue says the couple are regulars there, and witnessed the assault.