Qaadir Sainteloit evades police in white Mercedes-Benz, caught with Glock-27

20-year-old Qaadir Sainteloit was one of three occupants in a white Mercedes-Benz that fled from a traffic stop on Shelby Avenue Thursday night. During the traffic stop, Air One monitored and observed them drive off, back into a parking spot on Foster Street, and run on foot. After a brief pursuit, Sainteloit was apprehended with his two co-defendants; he also had a Glock 27, stating that is the reason he ran from them. He also had a small amount of marijuana, denied being the driver, and could not recall who the driver was. Sainteloit was taken into custody for two counts of evading arrest.

Rachel Shaffer jailed after lying to police about her identity during shooting investigation

20-year-old Rachel Shaffer was jailed Wednesday evening after giving the police false identifying information. While officers were on the scene of a shooting on Sunset Circle, they attempted to identify Ms. Shaffer. She told them her name was Christian Phifer and gave a matching birthdate for whomever Ms. Phifer was. She advised that she gave the officers a different name because she was afraid she may have had warrants.

Roberto Gonzalez Valdes jailed on $75,000 bond for using a re-encoded card to steal $175 in gas

39-year-old Roberto Gonzalez Valdes is jailed in lieu of a $75,000 bond on a charge of criminal simulation of $1,000 or less. Officers, including agents from the Secret Service, observed Gonzalez use a programmed plastic card to pay for gas at Gallatin Pike Mapco station on Jul 13th. A vehicle search resulted in multiple gift cards that had been programmed using a card reader/writer to change the gift card number embedded in the magstripe on the card. He received $175 in gas during the current transaction using the altered card number.

Woman charged with tackling and beating her mother in dispute over estate — Krisshayah Greer

21-year-old Krisshayah Greer was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from December of 2020 charging her with domestic assault and theft. She, along with two other co-defendants, reportedly came to her grandmother’s home, who had recently died. The trio attempted to remove items from the home, however, they encountered her mother, who is the executor of the estate. When she told them they had to leave, all three pushed her down and began to kick and punch her once she was on the ground. Krisshayah is additionally charged with stealing her mother’s iPhone while she was on the ground. All defendants fled the scene before police arrived, and warrants were issued.

Burglary: Woman breaks into home to steal back dog she admits to giving away 6 months prior — Trisha Patel

28-year-old Trish Patel is charged with felony aggravated burglary after she forced her way into an East Nashville Home and attempted to steal a dog named ‘Kovu’, which she freely admits she had previously given to the new owner six months prior. When confronted by officers, Patel fully confessed. She was charged with aggravated burglary and booked into the Metro Nashville Jail.

She is free on a $2,500 cash bond.

Nashville Beauty Influencer arrested after crash injures her passenger — Zulangel Pacheco @zdcpn

24-year-old Zulangel Pacheo, who has about 100K fans across social media platforms, was driving one of the vehicles involved in a crash on Saturday. Two people had to be transported to Vanderbilt with serious injuries. A person from the other vehicle had a broken femur, and the passenger in Pacheo’s vehicle suffered life-threatening injuries. Pacheo was found to have no insurance and no license to drive, resulting in her mandatory arrest under state law, since injuries occurred. She was transported to the Metro Nashville Jail, and charged with driving without a license and without insurance. She is free on pre-trial release.

Nashville man assaults ex-girlfriend, vandalizes her car while their child watches

21-year-old Mario Mcadoo was charged with domestic assault and vandalism of his after he was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend where he punched her in the arm three times, told her to pull over so he could “beat her ass”, did damage to her car, then bit her on the hand while their child observed from the backseat.