He stole his girlfriend’s iPhone & car key, fled campus, dared her to file charges. She did.

20-year-old Jalen Radford was sitting in his girlfriend’s vehicle on the TSU Campus on April 28th, when he suddenly took her vehicle key fob and iPhone XS Max, and fled the campus. When the phone was tracked to his home while she was in police headquarters, he told them “file charges, I don’t care”.

Drunk Downtown with a Dream & a Glock 19 – Patrick Yeary Arrested.

He was a man with a dream. A dream of playing country music in Nashville. It’s a story we’ve all heard a hundred times. Patrick Yeary had this dream. A few months ago he was working at a car dealership in Virginia, even posting over the summer that he just wanted to pick up his guitar and travel across the country. Earlier this month, he did just that – and made it as far as his favorite city – right here in Nashville, TN. Not everyone that moves to Nashville…