Tivie Greer sells cops fake cocaine on Broadway, brings actual drugs into jail with him

Undercover detectives working the downtown district Friday night approached 31-year-old Tivie Greer and asked to buy some cocaine from him. They agreed on $100, and the transaction occurred at 329 Broadway (Honky Tonk Central). Detectives moved in and took Greer into custody. The white powder he sold police was not actually cocaine or any known drug. Greer was transported to booking and left three small rocks in the patrol car as he exited. These were the actual cocaine and tested positive, along with two additional baggies and some marijuana that was found as he was being processed. Greer is charged with selling counterfeit drugs, possessing actual drugs, and bringing drugs into jail.

Mending Hearts co-founder Charlotte Frierson arrested on a plethora of drug charges with stolen gun

Police conducted a welfare check on a woman who appeared to be unconscious inside a parked, but running, vehicle at a Conference Drive hotel early Monday morning. Inside was 43-year-old Charlotte Ann Frierson with a silver canister between her legs with obvious drugs and paraphernalia within view. As one officer pushed the front of the car to rock it, another knocked on her window, eventually waking her up. A loaded .38 revolver, which was stolen, fell from her pocket as she exited the vehicle, and officers conducted a search. Inside the vehicle, they located a good scale with white residue, five baggies of crack cocaine (82g), 2 baggies of meth (12g), marijuana (12g), Fentanyl (31g), 21 Oxycodone pills, 100 plastic baggies, three crack pipes, a baby bottle converted to a bong, baking soda packaged as a drug (18g), and $885 in cash. Though mostly erased from current versions of its website, a Tennessean article archives that Charlotte ‘Char’ Grant Frierson was a co-founder of the Mending Hearts recovery program in Nashville, with her partner Trina Frierson.

DUI: Rapping Realtor Houston Parks says he got high “minutes before driving” — Weed & Cocaine

35-year-old Nashville Rapper & Franklin Realtor Houston Parks told Metro Nashville Police he smoked marijuana “minutes before driving,” according to an arrest warrant obtained by Scoop: Nashville overnight. He also confirmed the powder in his pocket was cocaine. Parks maintains an active real estate license with the state despite a 2006 DUI and drug possession charges, a 2007 charge for selling ‘woo’ (fake cocaine) and fleeing from police, a 2009 MNPD Undercover Information operation that caught him with a felony amount of cocaine, and yet another DUI charge in 2010. Warning: his Soundcloud link is in the story.

Woman says she was selling salt as meth to “woo the men” — Michelle Folnsbee arrested

36-year-old Michelle Folnsbee faces felony drug charges, even though she possessed no actual drugs. She was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a traffic stop when Goodlettsville PD located several ‘safes’ in her PUMA bag that contained bags of what appears to be crystal methamphetamine. When officers tested the drugs, nothing returned positive, and she admitted it was salt, stating she used it to “woo the men” who bought it. She is charged with felony possession of a counterfeit controlled substance, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. She is free on pre-trial release.

They’ll ‘Woo’ You – Selling Fake Drugs in Nashville

After covering Jeremy Austin Bowden last year, who couldn’t seem to stop selling fake/counterfeit drugs in Nashville, we were curious just how many others had been arrested for the same. Here’s some of what we found. Note that while everyone below was charged with selling counterfeit controlled substances, many pleaded down to a lesser charge, or had the particular charge dismissed as part of a larger plea bargain. Justin Exum During an interaction with MNPD, Exum was asked if he had anything on his person and he said I have…

Additional Charges: Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden – Stealing More Delivered Packages in East Nashville

Guess who’s back, back again. Bowdens’s Back. Tell a friend. Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden, 20, who was already charged for a multitude of crimes during this ‘spree’ has been served with an additional charge of ‘Theft of Property- $1,000 or less’, TCA 39-14-103*15. This charge adds an additional $2500 bond to his current $75000 bond. MNPD Arrest Affidavit: Defendant and his vehicle were positively identified by Mr. xxx at xxx Fern Ave as the male that tried to rob him at xxx Winston Dr. in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee at 1532 hours.…

ENs’s Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden ARRESTED (AGAIN) – More Fake Cocaine(Baking Soda), Robs Man w/Gun, Possession of 2 Semi-Automatic Guns, & Stolen Delivery Packages From Homes

Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden, who was previously arrested on August 11th for selling baking soda as cocaine, has once again been arrested for a multitude of charges on August 19th – ranging from attempted aggravated robbery, felony weapon charges, felon in possession of a handgun, theft of packages delivered to houses, and others – all detailed below. Once again, upon arrest, he was found to also be selling baking powder as cocaine, a charge for which he was already awaiting trial. Here’s his current outstanding charges, for which he is being…