18-year-old Kelexus Simmons jailed after driving stolen GMC Terrain without a license

18-year-old Kelexus Simmons was driving a GMC Terrain, which Dylan Young reported stolen, near Claiborne Street on the afternoon of May 6th. Officers located the GMC Terrain on Carrol Street. Officers conducted surveillance until it became mobile, where Air One followed it throughout Nashville until it stopped behind a Claiborne Street residence. Then, Simmons and her juvenile acquaintance were seen running away from the GMC Terrain. Officers then detained them near Charles E. Davis Boulevard and Fain Street. Simmons had the key to the stolen vehicle on her during her arrest. They were interviewed at police headquarters, where Simmons stated she did not know where the car came from and was not involved in taking it. Officers later discovered that she did not have a valid driver’s license. Before officers located the GMC, there was a reported shooting in the area, and the vehicle suffered a bullet hole to the rear passenger door on the driver’s side. Officers also located a shell casing inside the car but had not yet determined if Simmons and her friend were involved. Simmons was taken into custody for theft, evading arrest, and not having a valid driver’s license.

Tracey McKenzie operating cocaine van in downtown Nashville

Detectives were conducting drug surveillance at 305 Broadway on February 10 when they observed 27-year-old Tracey McKenzie repeatedly going in and out of a white Honda Odyssey van that was parked nearby. They also observed him escort two individuals to the van for a short time before going their separate ways. Officers made contact as he was standing outside the van, which they learned was stolen out of Chattanooga. Inside the van, officers discovered nine individually wrapped baggies with cocaine inside, totaling 15 grams.

Lawrence Storey jailed after MNPD surveils Homeless Shelter for crimes

Metro Nashville Police were conducting surveillance at the Nashville Rescue Mission on February 3 when they observed 58-year-old Lawernce Storey place a small bag in his right boot after a hand-to-hand transaction. Detectives approached Storey and searched him, locating a small baggie with 7.5 grams of crack cocaine in his right boot. They also retrieved $475 in cash, which they seized, along with 1.5 grams of marijuana. Detectives recorded the transaction on video and took Storey into custody.

Tivie Greer sells cops fake cocaine on Broadway, brings actual drugs into jail with him

Undercover detectives working the downtown district Friday night approached 31-year-old Tivie Greer and asked to buy some cocaine from him. They agreed on $100, and the transaction occurred at 329 Broadway (Honky Tonk Central). Detectives moved in and took Greer into custody. The white powder he sold police was not actually cocaine or any known drug. Greer was transported to booking and left three small rocks in the patrol car as he exited. These were the actual cocaine and tested positive, along with two additional baggies and some marijuana that was found as he was being processed. Greer is charged with selling counterfeit drugs, possessing actual drugs, and bringing drugs into jail.

Brett Borgia woke up in a stranger’s car in downtown Nashville after a night of drinking, MNPD arrested him

37-year-old Brett Borgia woke up inside a stranger’s car in downtown Nashville Sunday morning with an officer looking back at him. A citizen had called police to report there was a man sleeping inside her car. The man, identified as Borgia, reeked of alcohol, and had broken the windshield wiper control during his slumber. He told police he had been out drinking but doesn’t remember anything else, including which hotel he was staying at, or how he ended up in the vehicle. Due to his continued level of extreme intoxication, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Man drives wrong way on one-way street with two flat tires, blows 0.14 BAC — Austin Boyette

In the early hours of Saturday morning, police found 27-year-old Austin Shane Boyette driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street with two completely flat tires. Officers conducted a traffic stop, and Boyette acknowledged he was aware of the two tires, stating he had attempted to fill them up with air, unsuccessfully. After failing all three field sobriety tests, Boyette blew a 0.14% BAC on the breathalyzer and admits to drinking “five beers and some wine beverages” prior to driving. He is free on pre-trial release.

Man charged after punching girlfriend in face, telling 911 her call was a ‘butt dial’ then fleeing scene

A California woman says she was visiting her 39-year-old boyfriend Rickey Bates at his SkyHouse Nashville residence on Saturday when he punched her in the face, causing her to quickly become covered in blood. She called 911 and a call taker heard her pleading for help, but the call suddenly disconnected. When dispatch called back, he told them it was ‘just a butt dial’. When officers arrived, they found her face and hands still covered in blood from the assault.