James Jones inappropriately touches ex-wife, breaks her phone while she calls police

41-year-old James Anthony Jones had a domestic incident with his ex-wife, Jasmine Shadelle McClure, at their Hamlet Hill Drive residence late May 6th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with McClure, who stated she had been living with Jones for a month. Then, McClure said, while she was in the kitchen, Jones came up behind her, trying to make sexual contact with her. In response, McClure told him she did not want to do that, which sparked an argument. McClure said she went upstairs to grab her son’s phone, returned downstairs, and called 911. After she told Jones she was on the phone with the authorities, he took the phone out of her hand and threw it on the ground, causing it to shatter. McClure went back upstairs, called the police on another phone, and then told them she did not wish to prosecute him for the incident. When officers spoke with Jones, he stated there was no attempt at any sexual contact. Then, Jones admitted to getting angry after finding out she was talking to the police. James said he grabbed her phone and threw it on the floor because of this. Jones was taken into custody for interference with a 911 call on May 6th.

Angella Anderson stops roommate from calling police during altercation, says “there was no need to”

40-year-old Angella Anderson was involved in an altercation with her roommate, Rodger Duke, at their Sharpe Avenue residence on April 27th. Duke contacted law enforcement and said that while he was making a 9-11 call, he was stopped by Anderson. Duke reiterated that Anderson wrestled the cell phone out of his hand. Anderson stated that she did not want him to call the police and that “there was no need to.” Angella Anderson was taken into custody and charged with interfering with an emergency call on April 29th.

Preston Milburn assaults girlfriend, traps her in residence during altercation

26-year-old Preston Milburn had an altercation with his girlfriend, Peyton Manning, at their residence on January 24th. Manning reported waking up because Milburn yelled at her, screaming, “I hate you.” Milburn threw hangers at her as he was leaving. Manning then started to record the incident with her phone, and Milburn grabbed it, shattered it, and threw it into the woods in their backyard. Manning tried to leave, but Milburn forced her back into her bedroom, hindering her from leaving. Milburn then placed his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. About twenty minutes later, Manning was able to get away to a neighbor’s house so she could call the police. When officers arrived, Milburn fled the scene, so officers spoke with Manning and noticed her left hand was bleeding with a couple of broken fingernails. Milburn called the police to meet up but did not give any statements regarding the incident. Officers deemed Milburn the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Ebikebina Seifegha robs his attorney, prevents call to 911

44-year-old Ebikebina Elvis Seifegha was jailed on April 8th on an outstanding warrant from April 2020 when he went to his attorney’s office to pay a portion of legal fees, and things didn’t go as planned. John Iwu is an immigration attorney and told police that Seiegha dropped off $300. However, as John placed the money in his pocket, he informed Seifegha that the money would go towards fees he alleges he had never agreed to. During this conversation, Seifegha became enraged and started fighting and pushing the attorney to get the money back. During the fight, Seifegha got the money back from John’s pocket and kept him from entering his office to call the police. He left shortly after, but the attorney provided police with his personal information, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

AWOL Soldier Maccdousha Faulaau charged in assault of his girlfriend

20-year-old Maccdousha Faulaau, a Fort Campbell Soldier, was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from March when he assaulted his girlfriend, Mokadesha Williams, in their apartment on Centennial Boulevard. Police spoke with Ms. Williams, who also stated that Mr. Fualaau has a military warrant as he is stationed at Fort Campbell and has been AWOL since November.

Earlier in the day on March 28th, she and Faulaau got into an argument in their bedroom. At some point during the argument, he grabbed her forearms and slung her around the kitchen. Ms. Williams then punched him in the head with her right hand. Faulaau grabbed her and threw her on the couch in the living room and then onto the floor in the bedroom. When the fight stopped, she told him she was going to call the police, so he grabbed her cell phone out of her hands. She tried to leave, but there was only one door in the apartment, and she couldn’t get by him to go. She tried to yell for help out of the window, but Faulaau grabbed her and pulled her back from the window.

He kept her trapped in the apartment for over two hours without a phone. Ms. Williams then asked to use her phone to call her mom, and he agreed, but while Ms. Williams was speaking with her mother on speaker phone, her mother told her to call the police. That’s when Faulaau grabbed a knife from the kitchen and fled on foot. Ms. Williams had several bruises and scratches on her right forearm. Her shirt was torn, and she had abrasions on her left breast.

Antioch: Komlanvi Houssounoukpe assaults wife, takes phone away when she calls 911

Metro Nashville 911 operators received a call on August 12th and heard a female, later identified as Maggie Rhodes, attempting to give an address in Antioch before a struggle ensued and she screamed “quit hitting me” as the line disconnected. Officers responded to the Antioch home, and she stated she had been arguing with her husband, 44-year-old Komlanvi Houssounoukpe, throughout the day, and he had punched her in the face several times. She explained he took her phone when she called 911, and he still had the phone in his possession when officers spoke to him. Officers documented several abrasions on the victim, including a swollen eye.

Johnny Hurst charged after threatening to toss girlfriend off bridge, destroying her phone

Jaclyn LaGrow says her boyfriend of five months, 50-year-old Johnny Hurst, stopped his vehicle on the bridge of Old Hickory Blvd over I-65 as they were having an argument and kicked her out of the vehicle, physically pushing her out while yelling and screaming, leaving her stranded on the side of the road. About twenty minutes later, he returned to the location, and she began to gather her things from his vehicle. She says he became aggressive once again and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the edge of the bridge while screaming he would throw her off the bridge. He then snatched her phone and destroyed it. After he fled a second time, a concerned citizen transported her to a safe place to contact the police.

Elaine Nugent charged in brutal candlestick holder assault of her son — blames it on him

73-year-old Elaine McCarty Nugent, of Joelton, is charged with the wild aggravated domestic assault of her grown son using a candlestick holder, leaving him with three bloody severe lacerations to the top of his head. When confronted about the assault, she tried to downplay that anything happened, eventually blaming her own son, saying he must have injured himself since he was “mentally ill and suicidal,” a claim she attempted to use multiple times. She was “verbally combative and uncooperative” during the investigation, according to officers. Her disdain for the law and law enforcement isn’t anything new, as she frequently ignores court dates and will be extradited to Sumner County when she’s done in Nashville to face multiple failures to appear and a DUI case she’s been avoiding there since 2019.

Everyone goes to jail: Carlandro Branch, Destinee Turnipseed, & Maicole Shelton

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call on April 25th to find that 22-year-old Carlandro Branch had taken the phones of both 20-year-old Maicole Shelton and the mother of this child, 20-year-old Destinee Turnipseed, as they attempted to call the police to report that Branch had pulled her hair when during a child custody exchange. As he fled with their phones, Maicole Shelton grabbed a baseball bat and chased Carlandro Branch. The mother of the child, Destinee Turnipseed, also busted out two windows at the residence. She says she broke the first one in an attempt to get someone’s attention and the second one in anger. Everyone went to jail and bonded right out… the end. 

Woman says she was raped, he says it was consensual; police don’t charge the crime — Te’Quan Cartwright

19-year-old Te’Quan is charged with possession of brass knuckles, vandalism, interference with a 911 call, and domestic assault, after his ex-girlfriend, Johnyae Hooten, says he punched her in the face, raped her, and smashed her phone when she attempted to call 911 to report it.

Cartwright is free on a $5,000 bond.