Preston Milburn assaults girlfriend, traps her in residence during altercation

26-year-old Preston Milburn had an altercation with his girlfriend, Peyton Manning, at their residence on January 24th. Manning reported waking up because Milburn yelled at her, screaming, “I hate you.” Milburn threw hangers at her as he was leaving. Manning then started to record the incident with her phone, and Milburn grabbed it, shattered it, and threw it into the woods in their backyard. Manning tried to leave, but Milburn forced her back into her bedroom, hindering her from leaving. Milburn then placed his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. About twenty minutes later, Manning was able to get away to a neighbor’s house so she could call the police. When officers arrived, Milburn fled the scene, so officers spoke with Manning and noticed her left hand was bleeding with a couple of broken fingernails. Milburn called the police to meet up but did not give any statements regarding the incident. Officers deemed Milburn the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

19-year-old Sherrekia Kitchens jailed after breaking into ex-boyfriend’s house

19-year-old Sherrekia Kitchens was jailed on January 8th after breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s house on Carter Avenue. Todd Easly called the police and told them that Sherrekia had broken in through his basement window and was currently kicking down the basement door. He confirmed that he owned the house and that Sherrekia didn’t live there. Once inside the house, Sherrekia assaulted Todd by grabbing his wrist while he was on the phone with dispatch. Officers observed bruising to Todd’s wrist and forced entry to the basement window and door. Todd stated that he was afraid Sherrekia would harm him. Sherrekia Kitchens was taken into custody and charged with aggravated burglary and vandalism.

Quintin Humphrey assaults roommate; “Y’all gonna have to team up on me!”

25-year-old Quintin Humphrey was arrested on October 28th for a warrant issued on October 26th for a domestic assault against Alicia Zaludova, his roommate. On 10/26, Zaludova called deputies and stated that when she came home, Humphrey became upset because she was making “too much noise.” A verbal argument ensued in the living room, and Humphrey grabbed Zaludova’s phone and keys before throwing her outside the house and locking the front door. Officers observed bruises on Zaludova’s right elbow but were unable to reach Humphrey for questioning.

On 10/28, deputies were dispatched to Porter Terrace for a call regarding a domestic disturbance and spoke with Zaludova as they arrived. She stated that Humphrey needed to be served an order of protection. Officers noticed Humphrey in the back of the residence as he began to walk towards officers stating he was just going to leave. Humphrey then refused to put his hands behind his back as he was warned about his warrant and told officers, “Y’all gonna have to team up on me” before being taken to the ground. Humphrey was taken into custody for domestic assault and resisting arrest.

Conrad Cannon, 84, strikes grandson in forehead with metal broom handle

84-year-old Conrad Cannon was jailed Thursday afternoon after hitting his grandson with a broom. According to Matthew Walker, as he was getting ready for work, his grandfather told him to clean the house. He stated that he told his grandfather he was getting ready for work and didn’t have time to clean the house when Cannon became angry and hit him in the forehead with a metal broom handle. When Cannon was questioned, he told police that his grandson was threatening him and admitted that he hit him with a broom. He explained that the threats Matthew made were “hit me, hit me” and cussing at him. Matthew wished to press charges, and his grandfather was taken into custody.

Beatrice Gayle Jones attacks roommate over thermostat setting

50-year-old Beatrice Jones was jailed on April 17th after pushing her roommate when she tried to change the temperature on the thermostat at their home on Litton Avenue. Jessica Abdulah told police that she and Jones were arguing over the thermostat setting when Jones pushed her away. They started to fight, and Jones tried to push Abdulah down the stairs. Jones admitted to pushing Abdulah away from the thermostat and that her fingernail was bent back because of it. Abdulah had scratches on her chest, back, and face. The injuries, plus the admission to pushing Abdulah, gave police probable cause to believe that Jones was the primary aggressor.

Brekaya Holder charged with domestic assault of her grandfather

18-year-old Brekaya Holder is charged with the domestic assault of her grandfather, William Chester Jarrett. The victim says he initially received a call from his wife asking him to come home from work as Brekaya was being disrespectful to her. When he arrived home, he went to Brekaya’s bedroom to speak to her, and she reportedly jumped out of bed and pushed him into an entertainment center during the assault.

Nashville man throws glass bottle during scuffle that shatters near a baby

43-year-old Gary Pitts was charged with reckless endangerment when he was tussling with another man and chucked a glass bottle at him where it shattered near his 3-month-old baby.

Teen admits to trying to “run over” minor boyfriend with vehicle, hits building; per report

18-year-old Kennedy Smith was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when, in response to him hitting her in her face, she attempted to plow her minor boyfriend down with her vehicle before ultimately ramming it into a building.