Jeremiah Brown kicks apartment door down during altercation with girlfriend

25-year-old Jeremiah Brown had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Aleshia Larkin, at their Pennington Avenue apartment on the afternoon of April 25th. In the earlier hours, Brown was arrested for a separate domestic assault incident. While Brown was transferred to DCSO custody for booking, the staff located a Xanax bar and a small amount of marijuana in his right pocket. Then, the warrant was denied by The High Court Commissioner, resulting in his release. After being released, Brown went to their shared apartment to retrieve his belongings. Brown said he heard voices talking inside the unit and kicked in the front door, causing damage to the door frame. Even after he was advised to call the police by his family members who were present. Larkin said she was intimidated by his actions due to their previous domestic dispute. Brown was seen yelling and shouting at Larkin and refused to disperse after officers verbally commanded him to. Officers then had to physically separate Brown from Larkin. While detaining him, Brown became resistive and would not place his hands behind his back, prompting officers to use “soft empty hand control” to arrest him. Brown was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and contraband in a penal institution.

Jeremiah Brown brutally assaults girlfriend, who isn’t performing chores to his liking

27-year-old Jeremiah Brown is charged with the brutal assault of his girlfriend, Kierra Jemison, after he felt she was not adequately performing household chores and became “enraged,” according to court documents. He reportedly punched his fist through her bedroom door, and she ordered him to leave. He left but returned a short time later when he punched her several times in the face without warning. She attempted to block his assault but received injuries to her head, neck, hands, and hand to be transported to the hospital by medics for a concussion. Previously, Kierra threw knives at Brown, threatened to have him killed, and attempted to run over him with a car.

Kierra Jemison stalks boyfriend, throws knives, tries to run over him with car, threatens to have him killed

24-year-old Kierra Symone Jemison was jailed Monday on multiple charges, including felony stalking and felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Court records show that just after lunch on Monday, Jeremiah Brown called 911 from an Arby’s on Gallatin Pike to report his ex-girlfriend, Keirra Jamison, threw a knife at him as he was walking along Gallatin Pike near Madison Square. He says she’s stalked him for a while and has stalking warrants outstanding from July. After she found him walking, she reportedly exited her vehicle and accused him of wanting to sleep with other women. He avoided her attempt to stab him, but she returned to her car and then threw a large cooper Chef’s knife at him, striking him in the elbow, requiring stitches. He also had injuries to his neck, which appeared to be from her fingernails when she was grabbing at him.

She was also served with a warrant from July charging her with stalking after she followed Jeremiah and his new girlfriend and ‘rolled up behind them’ as they parked at a residence. She attempted to run over him with her car during that incident, which was captured on a store’s security camera. An hour later, she texted him she was sending her people over to “sweep” his apartment, which he took as an immediate threat to his safety.

Man stalks ex-girlfriend at COVID testing site

21-year-old Jeremiah Brown was charged with stalking after he showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home unannounced, then showed up at her job and pretended to be getting a COVID test.