Canadian Tourist Stephen Jones interferes with medics helping his wife near Omni Hotel

60-year-old Canadian Tourist Stephen Gwynne Jones interfered with medics as they tried to assist his wife near the Omni Hotel on Representative John Lewis Way South in the early hours of March 2nd. When officers arrived, they detained Jones and were advised that he and his wife were inebriated, stumbling in and out of the establishment. Jones was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Tourist Jeremiah Campbell punches wall & “bucks up” to hospital staff

34-year-old Jeremiah Campbell bucked up to nurses and Centennial Hospital security in the late hours of August 6th. Police arrived and said Jeremiah was calm but spoke to an off-duty officer, Officer Evans, who was working security there that night. He said that Jeremiah was upset that he was not released yet, attempted to leave, bucked up to nurses, and bucked up to him. He said that he balled up his fists but never threw a punch, and when Officer Evans attempted to detain him, Jeremiah fell to the floor himself. Jeremiah was arrested and transported to booking, where he told police that he did not want to be treated, touched, or interrogated by the hospital staff. He asked the officer how he could be arrested based solely on hearsay since the officer did not watch him be disorderly. After repeatedly saying that his arrest was based on hearsay, he said that the officer was only arresting him for money and that he needed to let him go. He accused him of not caring for Jeremiah’s well-being or the well-being of the patients.

Kierra Jemison stalks boyfriend, throws knives, tries to run over him with car, threatens to have him killed

24-year-old Kierra Symone Jemison was jailed Monday on multiple charges, including felony stalking and felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Court records show that just after lunch on Monday, Jeremiah Brown called 911 from an Arby’s on Gallatin Pike to report his ex-girlfriend, Keirra Jamison, threw a knife at him as he was walking along Gallatin Pike near Madison Square. He says she’s stalked him for a while and has stalking warrants outstanding from July. After she found him walking, she reportedly exited her vehicle and accused him of wanting to sleep with other women. He avoided her attempt to stab him, but she returned to her car and then threw a large cooper Chef’s knife at him, striking him in the elbow, requiring stitches. He also had injuries to his neck, which appeared to be from her fingernails when she was grabbing at him.

She was also served with a warrant from July charging her with stalking after she followed Jeremiah and his new girlfriend and ‘rolled up behind them’ as they parked at a residence. She attempted to run over him with her car during that incident, which was captured on a store’s security camera. An hour later, she texted him she was sending her people over to “sweep” his apartment, which he took as an immediate threat to his safety.

Shymese Ford indicted for financially exploiting an elderly adult for over $15,000

A Davidson County Grand Jury has indicted 29-year-old Shymese Brooks Ford with 1 count of financial exploitation of an elderly adult, theft, and 6 counts of forgery. Court records allege she exploited Amanda Lois Long Spencer in September and October of 2021, writing 6 checks from Spencer’s account to herself, totaling $15,850.

Man snatches weave out of ex-girlfriend’s head, punches her in face — Kedarius Gordon arrested

21-year-old Kedarius Gordon was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday on two outstanding warrants from December, charging him with felony vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His ex-girlfriend, Patriona Jones, says she pulled into an apartment complex at which time he pulled up beside her in his Nissan Altima, grabbed a large wooden stick and put two large dents in her car, and destroyed the side mirror.

He then struck her in the face with the stick as they argued. She says he then began to punch her and pull out her hair. She grabbed some mace to defend herself, however, Gordon overpowered her and sprayed her with her own Mace. Police say only a small piece of her weave was still attached to her head as she flagged them down.

Woman steals her ex-boyfriend’s truck and iPad while he’s out running errands — Kinoshia Taylor arrested

28-year-old Kinoshia Taylor was booked into the Metro Nasvhille Jail Wednesday on an outstanding from the week prior charging her with theft. According to police, she went to visit her ex-boyfriend, Wayne Parker, and when he left to go run some errands he allowed her to stay behind as the two were still friendly. When he returned, he found she had stolen both his truck and his iPad. As he was filing the police report, she called him on the phone, and an officer overheard her admitting to the theft. She is free on a $1,500 bond.

Woman wigs out, charges into stranger’s home, assaults her, believing her boyfriend was inside

Alexis Crisp says she fought back on Sunday morning, as 22-year-old Alexis Sanford barged into her home, pushed her way past witnesses, and assaulted her, believing her boyfriend was in the home. Sanford is charged with felony aggravated burglary.