Nashville woman charged for stabbing ex-boyfriend in the head with a steak knife, per report

42-year-old Akish Combs was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after pushing her ex-boyfriend and stabbing him in the back of the head with a steak knife, per report.

Woman runs man over with car after pepper-spraying him over “missing money”

29-year-old Cyntoria Meaderds was charged with aggravated assault and assault after an argument over money turned into a one-woman rampage.

Man attacks neighbor until he loses consciousness

22-year-old Kyle Harrison was charged with aggravated assault after attacking a nearby neighbor until the point where he lost consciousness.

Man Calls Cop to Hospital Bed: “There’s crack in my pocket, & I don’t know how it got there”

Just before 4 AM Saturday morning, Sean Paul Deagro, 27, flagged down a motorist on I-40 near Fesslers Lane and said he was robbed, and asked them to call police for assistance, and he was transported to Centennial Hospital. Officer¬†Tien Nguyen would end up meeting Deagro at Centennial Hospital, where Deagro alleged that he was robbed around the Tony Sudekum Apartments earlier in the night, during which time he also admits to consuming a lot of alcohol. While at the hospital, Sean Paul Deagro asked Officer Nguyen to come into…