Patient goes wild at Centennial Hospital: Kristian Overton puts doctor in “chokehold”

21-year-old Kristian Overton had an altercation with a doctor in the emergency room, Daniel James Morris, at Centennial Hospital in the early hours of March 30th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Morris, who stated that Overton was admitted for a medical-related incident and was highly intoxicated. While Morris was treating Overton, he was uncooperative, ignoring orders to remain in bed. Shortly after, Overton told hospital staff he needed to use the restroom, or he would go all over the room. Hospital staff assisted Overton to the bathroom, during which he became verbally combative. Overton began threatening staff and “squirming” on the ground. Morris and other staff members then tried helping Overton back to his bed. Overton started to fight with staff, prompting them to carry him to his room. During the scuffle, Morris stated that Overton placed his arm around his neck, trying to “choke” him, and after he broke free, staff placed Overton in the bed. While they were placing Overton down, he bit Morris on top of his right hand, leaving a visible wound. Several hospital employees advised officers that they witnessed Overton put Dr. Morris in a “chokehold” and bite him. Morris wished to prosecute for the assault. Overton was taken into custody for aggravated assault on March 30th.