Montana Culver pulls boyfriend by hair, punches him in face during argument

23-year-old Montana Sky Culver was involved in a domestic disturbance with her boyfriend, Anakin Yance Jones, at their shared residence on Lincoya Bay Drive late December 31st. Officers arrived and spoke with Culver, who advised them that she had returned from work, and an argument ensued regarding relationship issues. Culver was visibly intoxicated as she admitted to drinking that night. Then, Culver stated that Jones locked her out of the house amid the verbal altercation. Culver denied any acts or threats of violence but told officers that she threw a cinder block through the back window when she could not get inside. They spoke with Jones, who said they began to argue when Culver returned from work. Culver then grabbed him by the hair, pulling him off the couch. Then, he says, they began to wrestle, and she struck him in the face. Jones went outside to his truck to separate himself from the situation, but Culver followed. He returned to the apartment and locked her out, so she grabbed a cinder block and threw it through the back sliding door to get inside. This caused him to run to his room and lock the door. He said he could hear her destroying items in the house when he called the police. Officers observed a laceration to the left side of his face and hair pulled from his head as they were advised he wished to prosecute. Culver was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

David Tietjen removed from Nashville Palace, tells officers, “Just take me to jail!”

56-year-old David Karl Tietjen was drunk and disorderly at Nashville Palace Bar this weekend. An NPB bartender told officers that Tietjen was asked to leave, left, and continued to try to reenter after being told he was no longer welcome on the property. Tietjen stated he was waiting on an Uber as officers observed him to be visibly intoxicated, and he even admitted to having nine alcoholic drinks. Officers were waiting for confirmation that he requested an Uber when he asked them, “What are we doing? Are we waiting for an Uber, or am I going to jail?” Tietjen walked to the officer’s patrol car and pulled the door handle as they tried to help him locate his Uber, and then he said, “Just take me to jail.” Tietjen was taken into custody for public intoxication.

A’Dara Pittman destroys neighbor’s security camera, ex-boyfriend’s car with hammer

32-year-old A’Dara Pittman called officers to her residence on Bell Road on November 4th. Pittman spoke with them as they arrived and advised them that she smashed the windows of the SUV that belonged to her ex-boyfriend, Carlos Atkins, with a hammer. Officers observed the smashed windows and the hammer, correlating to her statements, and were unable to contact Atkins. While outside the residence Pittman became irate when officers tried to clarify some statements made by her. Pittman then ran over to the vehicle and stated, “I smashed this window out, this window out, and smashed these mirrors”. Pittman later began arguing with her neighbor, officers were able to separate her and her neighbor. Officers had to calm Pittman down before she returned to her apartment for the night. Officers were then summoned back for a separate incident regarding Pittman knocking her neighbor’s surveillance camera off the apartment building. Pittman admitted to destroying the camera and throwing it toward the wood line behind the apartment complex. She was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and vandalism.

Taven Romesser slaps his girlfriend after she throws his phone

24-year-old Taven Romesser told police that he and his girlfriend got into an argument downtown when they showed up at his residence on Lebanon Pike early Monday morning. He said that while downtown, he gave his girlfriend, Margret Gates, his phone by accident, and she attempted to throw his phone. He said in response, he slapped her in the face, and police noticed a bruise on her cheek. Margret told police that she never hit him and did not wish for him to be arrested. Taven said that when they got home, they argued more, and he left the apartment to sleep in his car. Margret followed him outside, he said, putting her hand on the car door so he could not close it. At this time, he closed the door on her fingers. They said there were no ill intentions between them, and Taven said he knew the neighbors called the police due to their arguing.

Cassandra Buckley tosses her boyfriend’s phone off bridge into the river

Police say 29-year-old Cassandra Buckley tossed the cell phone of her lover, Dominic Cocchiola, into a river. The victim told police he believed Buckley stole his phone, broke it, and tossed it over a bridge into the water. Buckley admitted to the vandalism and was taken into custody.

How much weed is in the car? Analise Salazar: “a lot”

20-year-old Analise Salazar was jailed on April 7th after police found 60 grams of marijuana in her car during a traffic stop. Police pulled Salazar over for turning left at a red light in her Nissan Altima. When they approached her, they could smell an obvious odor of marijuana. The officers explained why she was being stopped and asked if there was any weed in the car which she replied yes. They asked her how much weed was in the car, and she replied, “A lot.” The vehicle search yielded a significant amount of marijuana separated into baggies and containers. Police also found several bongs and pipes with burnt residue, a scale, and a grinder. Salazar was transported to booking.

Morghan Smith charged with DUI after rear-ending car at traffic light

27-year-old Morghan Smith was jailed on April 13th after rear-ending another vehicle at a yellow light while intoxicated. Police responded to Old Hickory Blvd and 24th Street and spoke with Smith, who explained that the car in Infront of her slammed on its brakes for a yellow light, and she didn’t have time to stop. While officers were speaking with her, they could smell alcohol coming from her breath and asked her if she had anything to drink; she said she had two beers at Hooters. Smith agreed to sobriety testing and performed poorly. She blew a .158% BAC on a breathalyzer and was transported to booking.