Corisha Fuqua scratches boyfriend’s hand after catching him cheating

43-year-old Corisha Motisa Fuqua had a domestic incident with her boyfriend, Craig Cicero Martin, near Sinkers Beverages Liquor Store off Gallatin Pike on the afternoon of March 12th. Paul Wesley Poland, a witness who alerted the authorities, advised that he was in the Sinkers Beverages parking lot when Fuqua and Martin argued in their car. Then, Poland said Martin reached into the vehicle, and Fuqua scratched his hand, leaving a mark. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Martin, and he told them that Fuqua had stayed in the car while he went into the liquor store. When he came out, she was looking through one of his phones. Martin then reached for the phone, which was when Fuqua scratched him. Fuqua told detectives that while Martin was in the store, one of his phones vibrated. Fuqua then checked the phone to discover Martin had been speaking to other women. While Fuqua was taking pictures of Martin’s phone with hers, Martin came out of the store and attempted to grab his phone. Fuqua advised that she must have scratched Martin’s hand with one of her nails when he reached for the phone. Officers observed the marks on Martin’s hand and deemed Fuqua as the primary aggressor. Fuqua was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Whitney Malone crashes into multiple vehicles, blood sample results in .449% BAC

52-year-old Whitney Malone was involved in a three-vehicle accident on Greenwood Avenue on February 20th. Officers arrived and observed two of the motor vehicles were unoccupied and parked on the side of the road. Then, Malone, who was in the driver’s seat of the third vehicle, showed multiple signs of impairment as she admitted to being drunk. Malone admitted she should not have been driving. Medics had to help her out of her car and into the ambulance. Officers located a half-empty bottle of Vodka in her purse next to where she was sitting. Officers followed the medics to the hospital when Malone tried to get out of the ambulance while it was still moving. Under Miranda, at the hospital, she told officers she drove to the liquor store that morning and had been drinking since then. Malone then said she was returning to the store when the collision occurred. Malone provided a blood sample that resulted in 0.449 BAC%, and she was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Walgreens Cashier gone wild — Teresa Himes charged with assault of customer

66-year-old Teresa Himes was working at the Walgreens on Central Pike on Christmas Day when Ladavion Lemon, 20, approached the counter with a bag of peanuts with the express purpose of obtaining cash back on his purchase. During the touch screens on the payment machine, he skipped the option to receive cash back, and the purchase was completed. The two then got into an argument about him not being given the option to receive cashback. He became angry during the interaction and squeezed the bag of peanuts, causing it to pop. Himes then reportedly grabbed the young Black man’s arm and began to twist it, taking the peanuts he just paid for. Police were called, and she was issued a citation for assault. She was booked on the outstanding citation this week.

Sharon Rutherford charged with domestic assault of daughter during family squabble

73-year-old Sharon Rutherford was jailed on July 8th after police responded to Plantation Drive for a domestic incident. Rutherford told police that her daughter Ms. Green has bipolar disorder and was trying to throw her out of the house. She said that Ms. Green was trying to use the police to get her in trouble. When Ms. Green tried to call the police, she took the phone away and tried to cancel the call. According to Ms. Green, it’s her mother that has a mental health illness and was attacking her, so she tried to call the police, and her mom scratched her as she tried to grab the phone away. The officers observed scratch marks on Ms. Green’s arm. Due to the statements and the evidence, Rutherford was determined as the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Cassandra Buckley tosses her boyfriend’s phone off bridge into the river

Police say 29-year-old Cassandra Buckley tossed the cell phone of her lover, Dominic Cocchiola, into a river. The victim told police he believed Buckley stole his phone, broke it, and tossed it over a bridge into the water. Buckley admitted to the vandalism and was taken into custody.

Kevin Davis brutally assaulted his lover while wearing gloves and socks over his hands

Gabrielle Norman says her 41-year-old lover Kevin Davis put on fingerless boxing gloves and then black socks over his hands before he pulled the sheets off the bed and grabbed her by the throat, and tossed her to the ground. Once on the ground, she said he accused her of cheating. He then began to brutally punch and kick her. Officers documented bruising “all over her body.” The incident occurred in June, and a warrant was issued for his arrest at that time. He was booked on that warrant this week.

Tamas Mate charged after starting fight with bouncers & others on Broadway in Nashville

21-year-old Tamas Mate was in a fight with bouncers at Rippy’s Honky Tonk late Saturday night, according to offices working the Entertainment District Initiative on Broadway in downtown Nashville. As officers were arriving, Mate had left the bar and began to get into another fight just a few feet away. He was reportedly unsteady on his feet and in a “state of confusion,” according to an arrest warrant. He even fell over onto the ground during one of the altercations. Due to his level of intoxication, Mate was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

KY man Dustin Swann fights at FGL House, pushes cop in the chest, resists arrest

Metro Nashville Police found 25-year-old Dustin Swann, described as a bloody ginger with a ripped shirt, near 3rd & Demonbreun in downtown Nashville, where he had stumbled after fighting with multiple patrons at the FGL House bar. When Officer Forrest Punke approached the heavily intoxicated man, Swann pushed Punke in the chest with his hands, knocking him backward with substantial force. He also battled with Officer Joshua Zambrano-Vera as he attempted to place him into custody. Eventually secured by cuffs, Swann continued to be hostile and shout at patrons.

Too drunk for Tootsie’s — Kaleb Spence Clark

31-year-old Kaleb Spence Clark became aggressive toward bouncers when they told him he had to leave the downtown Nashville bar Saturday. Officers were flagged down and Clark says he only had “3 shots”, however, he was slurring his speech, and unsteady on his feet. He was taken into custody for public intoxication and transported to booking.