Charlie Quinn refuses to leave Honky Tonk Central after fighting with patrons

38-year-old Charlie Quinn was seen causing a disturbance at Honky Tonk Central on July 5th. Honky Tonk Central security told law enforcement that Quinn was fighting and arguing with patrons. Officers and security guards asked Quinn to leave multiple times, but he refused. Quinn then continued arguing with customers. Quinn was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Lanaya Patton shoves police officers while acting erratically at Shake Shack

18-year-old Lanaya Patton was seen acting disorderly and pushing officers at Shake Shack in downtown Nashville on Broadway Place on July 4th. Officers observed Patton acting erratically and shouting while on the phone. Officers then approached her and asked Patton to leave. Patton then refused, became aggressive, and began shoving officers. Patton also continued to scream, wave her arms, and push multiple girls in her group. Officers deemed Patton would not stop her behavior, so she was taken into custody for disorderly conduct on July 5th.

Jonathan Shafer assaults a police officer on Interstate Drive

50-year-old Jonathan Shafer had an altercation with Officer Blaze Williams near Woodland Street and Interstate Drive around 6 p.m. on May 2nd. Williams was directing traffic when he encountered Shafer, who was swearing at him because he guided him the wrong way. Wiliams attempted to de-escalate the situation and told him to have a nice evening, which was when Shafer turned around and threw a lighter at him. Officer Williams said it flew right next to his face, prompting him to follow Shafer, who ran toward 1St Street. Williams requested backup, caught up to Shafer, and said, “Stop! Police,” which Shafer ignored while attempting to juke him, prompting them to perform a “takedown,” where he continued to resist until additional officers arrived to detain him. Shafer was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and assault on an officer.

Andrew Gay assaults fiancé for taking children to McDonald’s

34-year-old Andrew Gay was jailed on February 24th for assaulting his fiancé on South Street. A third party reported that his ex-wife, Angela Bierly, was assaulted by her current fiancé. When police arrived, Gay explained that he and Angela had gotten into an argument because he was sick and stressed. Gay stated that the argument started because of the children that he and Angela share. Gay, however, insisted that no threats or violence occurred. Angela told police that the argument was over taking the kids to McDonalds but that there were no threats or physical violence. Angela then changed her story after further questioning and said that she obtained an injury from her fiancé. Angela stated that she told Gay she was going to take the children out to McDonald’s, which upset him. Angela was holding the stroller when Gay grabbed her shirt to stop her from leaving, causing a bruise. The officers observed the bruise and determined Gay to be the primary aggressor.

Jaylan Duncan punches girlfriend multiple times after argument with brother

21-year-old Jaylan Isaiah Duncan had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Lydia Waller, at a gas station on Donelson Pike in the early hours of January 28th. Officers were dispatched to North Timber Drive and spoke to Waller, who was with her parents, and advised them that she and Duncan went out to a restaurant in Lebanon, where he argued with his brother. The argument caused him to become aggravated. Then, Waller said that after Duncan’s brother left, they headed back to Nashville, where an argument ensued. During the argument, Duncan pulled into a gas station where Waller tried to leave the vehicle. Duncan then grabbed her by the arm and began punching her head and face repeatedly. Waller said she called her parents after the incident, and Duncan agreed to take her home. Officers observed injuries consistent with her statements and deemed Duncan as the primary aggressor. He was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Sonepheth Mahavong drinks 26oz can of Heineken before driving on Christmas Eve

51-year-old Sonepheth Mahavong was swerving on Bell Road with his hazard lights on in the early hours of Christmas Eve. Officers watched him come to a stop, partially blocking the travel lane, and conducted a traffic stop. They approached the driver’s side and noticed he was visibly intoxicated and could not understand English, so they used the translator app on their department-issued phones. Mahavong exited his vehicle and urinated on the side of the parking lot while they waited for backup. They observed urine on his pants as he consented to sobriety tests via the translator app and performed poorly. He was detained, and upon a subsequent search of his vehicle, officers located an open 26 oz. Heineken beer can in the driver’s side door. Mahavong was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an open container violation.

Cody Hunter drunkenly hits fiancé multiple times in face during argument

29-year-old Cody Hunter had an altercation with his fiancé, Amy Moore, at her apartment at Central Pike on December 16th. She was admitted to the hospital a few hours after the incident when officers arrived to speak with her. She advised them she and Hunter had a few alcoholic beverages, and an argument ensued. She stated Hunter began to push her, so she slapped him in self-defense. Then, Hunter pushed her onto her bed and jumped on top of her. Hunter then struck her in the face repeatedly, got off her, and fled the scene. Officers observed her black eye and a handprint on the right side of her face. Hunter was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault on December 21st.

DUI: Ethan Kyle flips car after drinking at bar before driving

24-year-old Ethan Kyle was involved in a car accident at the Elm Hill Pike and Briley Parkway intersection in the early hours of December 23rd. When the officers arrived, Kyle was sitting on the curb next to his vehicle. They observed his vehicle was flipped over due to the crash and requested his license. He refused medical attention, but the other party involved was transported to Summit Hospital with minor injuries. Officers noticed Kyle was visibly intoxicated and was wearing a paper wristband that stated he was over 21, commonly used at bars. Officers then asked Kyle to perform SFTs, which he consented to. Kyle then performed poorly, was Mirandized, and taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Solecia Byrd grabs sister by hair, hits her multiple times in head during argument

32-year-old Solecia Byrd had a scuffle with her sister, Roneka Byrd, at an apartment complex on Lebanon Pike in the early hours of October 27th. Roneka advised officers that she let her sister stay at her apartment because Solecia’s lights were not working. She was watching her friend’s children, and Solecia began to yell at them to quiet down because she was trying to sleep. Roneka told her she did not like how she was handling the kids and to leave if it was going to be an issue. Solecia told her to make her leave, sparking an argument, then she grabbed Roneka by her hair and began to strike her repeatedly in the head and spit on her. Officers observed a small cut and dried-up blood in Roneka’s ear. Roneka did not wish to prosecute. However, officers chose to prosecute on Roneka’s behalf. Solecia was taken into custody for domestic assault on December 18th.

Anthony Chambers charged for breaking into multiple vehicles

32-year-old Anthony Chambers was booked on December 9th after being caught burglarizing vehicles on Poplar Avenue. Gordon Simmons stated that he saw a man in the gated lot behind his business and gave a description. He observed the man opening vehicle doors, walking around the property, and picking up things. When the police arrived, the suspect had already left the scene. Officers noticed that the lot’s gate was locked, and there were multiple no-trespassing signs. A K-9 officer passed by Lebanon Pike and observed the suspect about five minutes walking distance away from the scene.  Officers identified the suspect as Mr. Simmons and placed him under arrest.