Gharri Brown charged with rioting while riding as passenger princess in car involved in takeover

19-year-old Gharri Brown was jailed on November 19th after a group of street racers took over an intersection near Century Boulevard. Hermitage Precinct officers arrested four men from out of county early Sunday morning after they were found taking over the intersection of McGavock Pike at Century Boulevard doing donuts and burnouts in a white Dodge Charger.

Officers arrived at 1 a.m. to find more than 60 vehicles participating in the dangerous driving stunts. As they were approaching the intersection, they witnessed a man fire a gunshot into the air around bystanders and vehicles. A traffic stop was initiated on the Charger, which was blocking the roadway, when it fled from officers going more than 90 miles per hour onto Elm Hill Pike. Additional gunshots were seen coming from the Charger during the brief pursuit. Two passengers, Gharri Brown, 19, and Justin Oakes, 18, both of Shelbyville, were charged with rioting

Sabrina Beckman, 66, jailed for public intoxication during CMA Fest in Nashville

66-year-old Sabrina Beckman was jailed for public intoxication during CMA Fest this weekend when security at The Stage on Broadway observed her extreme level of intoxication at their bar. Officers were called to check on her welfare and escorted her outside. She had trouble standing and walking and was visibly overly intoxicated. She was offered the opportunity to be transported to the hospital for medical assistance, but refused all assistance and refused to call anyone to get her back to her hotel safely.