Kareem Andrews violates order of protection by spam-calling ex-girlfriend numerous times

38-year-old Kareem Andrews was seen spam-calling his ex-girlfriend, Alicia Wheeler, violating his order of protection on May 31st. Andrews was previously arrested for domestic assault, which put conditions in place where he was ordered not to contact Wheeler. On May 31st, Andrews called Wheeler several times, asking her to come to his residence. After the initial call, Andrews called several times during the day, using different numbers repeatedly. Andrews also used several blocked numbers that Wheeler recognized. When using a blocked number, Wheeler answered and recognized Andrew’s voice as the one that spoke to her. A warrant was issued, and Andrews was taken into custody on July 13th for violation of a no-contact order.

Jonathan Cormack hides in closet from police after violating bond conditions

44-year-old Jonathan Cormack was jailed on January 4th when officers discovered he had bond conditions preventing him from being with his wife after being arrested for a prior domestic incident in Williamson County. The police were on the scene investigating a separate call for service. They asked Cormack’s wife if they could search her home for Jonathan and found him hiding in a closet. Cormack was taken into custody on January 4th.

Bryan Keach enters ex-girlfriend’s home uninvited, threatens to burn her house down

40-year-old Bryan Keach was involved in a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Hill, at her residence on December 8th. Hill advised officers that she wanted an order of protection against Keach. She stated they have a pending court date involving an assault and that he has been mentioning suicide to her, claiming that he is going to beat her up and that she was lucky that he did not kill her. Hill told him to stop again, and there have been three messages since then that she has not responded to. Then, when she was sleeping, Keach entered her residence uninvited, yelling, waking her out of her sleep. Keach began dumping out her purse and turned on the gas stove, threatening to burn the house down. Officers were notified of the bond condition between the parties, stating there was supposed to be no communication, and they observed the messages Hill provided and the video showing him in the residence. Keach was taken into custody for harassment, aggravated criminal trespassing, violation of a no-contact order, and aggravated assault.

Woman violates no-contact order; hurls traffic cone through screen door

25-year-old Cortney Murphy was charged with aggravated assault, vandalism, and violation of a no-contact order after reportedly showing up at a significant other’s place and assaulting him.