Man assaults two women including the mother of his child over the course of several months

27-year-old Tremaine Stem was charged with assault, burglary, vandalism, theft, and harassment after he assaulted two women and damaged property owned by his child’s mother.

Known Kroger thief attempts to strike again the day after being trespassed

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56-year old Michael Wade was charged with burglary when he returned to Kroger and tried to steal items after being trespassed from the location the day before.

Felon caught climbing from the window of American Auto Sales with two T.V.s

24-year-old Kendall Williams was charged with burglary and vandalism when he was recorded forcing entry to American Auto Sales through the glass on a garage door as well as stealing car keys and key fobs.

Man breaks into ex’s home & disables security system; steals door stops & window jacks

41-year-old James Milam was charged with domestic assault, burglary, and theft when he broke into his ex’s house twice by prying open a wrought-iron door, knocking a Plexiglas window out of a door, and stealing her door stops.

Two men seen running from the scene of a burglary caught walking down road as if nothing happened

28-year-old Michael Rowe and 34-year-old Jake Brown were charged with aggravated burglary and vandalism after being seen running from a home where they left a vehicle full of stolen items.

Burglar provides ID when selling stolen phone at EcoATM

34-year-old Jabari Mcclam was charged with burglary after he stole a phone from Holiday Inn and sold it to a kiosk at Walmart.

Serial thief caught again trying to steal over $240 in items from Walmart

50-year-old Mark Artis was charged with burglary and theft of merchandise after he was caught trying to steal $243 worth of merchandise from Walmart on Dickerson Pike. According to court records, he has been convicted of theft 8 times since August 2012 and had 2 other charges dismissed.

Burglar caught on video stealing from his job, then wears stolen item to work

47-year-old Robert Russell was charged with vandalism, theft of property, and burglary after he and two others were observed on video breaking into and stealing items from his job at Millwood Inc. He was later seen at work wearing the shirt he had taken.

Repeat Kroger thief stuffs $67 worth of meat in his jacket

58-year-old Marty Waynick was charged with burglary and theft of property after another attempt was made to steal nearly $67 worth of meat from his local Kroger, where he was banned for past thefts.

Man steals handguns from victim’s house, then passes them off and denies allegations

35-year-old Christopher Smith was charged with burglary, theft, and possession of burglary tools when he tried to steal a motorcycle after stealing two handguns from the victim’s house.