Danny Sherrell smashes windows of multiple vehicles, steals Hyundai Sonata

18-year-old Danny Sherrell was taken into custody on November 7th for burglaries that occurred at Summerfield Place Apartments and Piccadilly Apartments on October 1. Xavier Henderson and James Oglesby advised officers that the windows of their vehicles were broken out and provided footage showing Sherrell and another suspect arriving in a silver sedan with a rear driver’s side door broken out at Summer Place Apartments and were pulling on car door handles.

Later that day, Andrew Weiss reported that his black Hyundai Sonata was stolen from Piccadilly Apartments. Officers recovered Weiss’s car at a home on Precious Drive, and the resident provided surveillance showing Sherrell parking the car and walking away. Deputies were notified that Sherrell and his accomplice were staying at Elm Hill Pike behind an apartment building and were given footage revealing them wearing the same clothes as the suspects. Sherell was identified with assistance from an MNPD SRO at McGavock High School and was charged with theft of property and two counts of burglarizing a vehicle.

Jeremy Mitchell punches through ex-girlfriend’s window; says she’s “going to die”

21-year-old Jeremy Mitchell told his ex-girlfriend she would die after breaking into her home. On July 24th, Chelsea Serritella called the police and stated someone was trying to break into her home. MNPD officers arrived at the residence on Harrington Ave and spoke to Chelsea, who said that her ex-boyfriend, the defendant, broke into her home. She said they broke up a week ago, and he had moved all his belongings out with him. But earlier on the 24th, she said that Jeremy texted her that he was “having people over” and “people sleeping in her bed.” She said that Jeremy was often paranoid due to his abuse of drugs, most notably Xanax.

Chelsea said that Jeremy began knocking on her side door and kicking it when she refused to open it. After that, she heard him yell, “I told you, you were going to die.” Then he broke the window to her bedroom by punching it and attempted to climb through. Chelsea said at that time, she went and hid in her bathroom. Her son, Anthony Serritella, heard him say that she was going to die and saw him drive away in a green SUV, which was the same one he had arrived in. Police noticed the broken window and muddy footprints on the side door.

Street Racer Jose Sandoval stopped to steal some cars on the way to his car meet in Nashville

After substantial police activity over the past couple of weeks, the two primary car groups currently holding meets and takeovers decided to lay low Friday night and not host any meets. Both Night Riders & Valhalla clubs were adamant in the group chats used by racers and spectators that ‘Jose’ was the only person hosting a meet Friday night, and he was doing that independently. But before he came to the meet that night, 20-year-old Jose Sandoval had an important stop to make, and some members of the telegram chat already knew about the stolen cars and how they were taken.

Police say they responded to a burglary-in-progress call on Charlotte Pike and, upon arrival, heard someone attempting to break into the business. One of the suspects became aware of the presence of police and fled out the back fence and into a black Dodge Challenger. The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed and successfully evaded officers. A short time later, the vehicle returned to the area, and police successfully deployed spike strips. Sandoval turned down a dead-end street and then swerved toward police vehicles in an attempt to escape. He eventually stopped the vehicle, which was stolen, on Briley Parkway and gave himself up.

During an extensive interview, Sandoval admitted to “being a lookout” for another suspect who he says was breaking into the business. A search of Sandoval’s vehicle, which was also stolen, yielded several high-end car keys/fobs, a programmer for car key fobs (used for stealing them), and a located pistol. [images in full story]

Monroe Shivers & Patrick Dudley charged in attempted Nordstrom robbery at Green Hills

30-year-old Monroe Shivers & 24-year-old Patrick Dudley were booked this week on an outstanding warrant from January after attempting to rob the Nordstrom store at Green Hills Mall. Video surveillance showed a black BMW X3 parked at the store entrance. Four individuals got out and broke the glass doors but couldn’t break down the metal doors behind the glass and fled the scene. Mall security told police that the exact vehicle with four individuals successfully burglarized a Belk store in Birmingham, Alabama, earlier that same day and stole $35,000 worth of handbags. The tag on the BMW was scanned into the LPR system to alert police when it was in their vicinity. Kentucky Highway Patrol located and attempted to pull over the BMW, but it fled, leading to a car chase until it crashed, and the four individuals were taken into custody. Multiple Handbags were found inside the vehicle, along with hammers, sledgehammers, ski masks, and gloves.

Alexis Binkley charged with felony burglary from Walmart

23-year-old Alexis Binkley was jailed on April 7th after shoplifting $334.37 worth of merchandise from a Walmart on Dickerson Pike. Police spoke with Amber Martin, an employee of Walmart’s loss prevention unit. She told police that Binkley was detained and that there was already a signed no trespassing agreement on file, making the crime a burglary.

April Steele charged with felony burglary of $277 worth of merchandise from Walmart

36-year-old April Steele was jailed on Sunday morning on an outstanding warrant from March 1st after stealing from a Walmart on Nolensville Pike. A loss prevention employee witnessed Steele put makeup, food, jewelry, and clothes into a black bag in her cart. She was stopped by the witness and detained. Steele signed a trespassing agreement in 2021 and was in violation as she knew she was banned from that Walmart, making this a felony burglary charge. The total amount of Merchandise was $276.68.

Kelci Jenkins attacks ex-boyfriend after breaking into his TSU campus apartment

21-year-old TSU student Kelci Jenkins was jailed on March 18th for attacking her ex-boyfriend at his campus apartment. Jalen McClendon told police that his ex-girlfriend, Jenkins, whom he hasn’t spoken to for two months, entered his unlocked apartment without permission and knocked on his locked bedroom door. When he woke up and opened the door, Jenkins immediately started scratching him on the left side of his neck, leaving blood and scratch marks. She ripped off his gold chain, breaking it in the process. McClendon said Jenkins would not calm down or leave, and he had to pick her up and carry her out of the apartment.

Dominick Hallums is fired in the AM; robs 7-Eleven of lottery scratch-offs in the PM

25-year-old Dominick Hallums was working at the 7-eleven on Smith Springs Road the morning of December 27th until he was fired. A few hours after his termination, he returned to the store at 5:45 p.m. without permission and walked behind the counter, and took $1,200 worth of Tennessee Lottery scratch-off ticket bundles. The manager was able to identify Hallums from a security video, and a felony burglary warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked this week on that outstanding warrant.

Benjamin McCay found inside country club with stolen jewelry from nearby home

27-year-old Benjamin McCay reportedly entered the Hillwood Country Club at 2:45 a.m. Friday, and took an alcoholic beverage, which he consumed. At 9:20 a.m., security found McCay to still be on the property and contacted police. He told police he had no recollection of the incident or knowledge of his actions. During a search of his person, a set of keys to the business were located in McCay’s pocket, along with assorted jewelry. Further investigation showed the jewelry and AirPods were stolen from the home of Kathryn Martin, whose home is adjacent to the Country Club and golf course.

Taylor Conyers charged in assault of juvenile neighbor

20-year-old Taylor Conyers faced multiple charges after she and another person knocked on the door of a juvenile neighbor, pushed into the home, and began to attack a juvenile female. The two reportedly “jumped” the victim, punching her in the face before fleeing. Officers arrived and reviewed video doorbell footage of the two entering and exiting the apartment. The argument seems to be over an incident the night before when Conyers was accused of stealing packages that belonged to the victim’s grandmother.