David Johnson goes bananas over fruit stand, destroys man’s way of making a living

48-year-old David Johnson told police he didn’t like that Diego Jimenez had a fruit stand in a public area near his property on Antioch Pike. Late Sunday night, Johnson parked his vehicle next to the fruit vendor’s stand and began to throw and destroy all of the fruit from the canopied cart. He then picked up the table and canopy and flipped them over, destroying the entire fruit stand and all of the product, which was estimated to be $3,000 in damages. Due to the felony amount of the vandalism, Johnson was taken into custody and transported to booking. 

DUI: Reverend Delvin J. Moody blows 0.186% BAC with liquor bottle in car

27-year-old Reverend Delvin J. Moody of Utica, NY, was jailed in Nashville on June 27th after police saw his car stopped on the side of the ramp on I-40 facing the opposite direction of traffic. When police approached Moody, they could smell alcohol coming from his breath, and he admitted to drinking and driving. They searched his vehicle and found a liquor bottle on the passenger’s side floorboard. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a .186% BAC on a breathalyzer. Moody was a Utica City Councilman from 2020-2022, and is currently a  rising Black Religion Scholar and incoming Ph.D. Student at Boston University.