Brittany Hart crashes car after 5-7 shots of Hennessy

34-year-old Brittany Hart was booked on January 13th after crashing on I-24 at exit 59. Officers observed Ms. Hart stumble out of her car. They smelled alcohol coming from her breath as she advised that she hit her head on the steering wheel. She threw up in the road several times and admitted that she drank too much at a nightclub. Ms. Hart advised that she had 5-7 shots of Hennessy before driving home. The officers did not perform sobriety tests due to Ms. Hart hitting her head. She was then transported to Century Farms to be cleared prior to booking and for a blood draw

Yalmar Talavera jailed for DUI after causing car accident on I-24 West

31-year-old Yalmar Talavera was jailed on October 27th after causing an accident on I-24. When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed Talavera had bloodshot eyes, unsteady balance on his feet, and smelled strongly of alcohol. Through investigation, Talavera admitted to drinking three beers before driving. He then performed poorly on sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

DUI: Tumani Sissoko crashed after leaving Lavo Lounge, wasn’t found for 4 hours

Metro Nashville Police say 29-year-old Tumani Sissoko left the Lavo Lounge just before 3 a.m. Saturday, drove his vehicle off the side of I-24 less than a mile away, and crashed in the area behind Metroplex Drive — where he lay injured until 7:40 a.m. when first responders were alerted to the overnight accident. Police say in those hours after the crash he climbed into the passenger seat, due to the driver’s area being so badly damaged. He stated he wasn’t driving, but the injuries matched the driver’s seat, and that’s where his blood was located. He was charged with DUI.

DUI: Joseph Rock blows double BAC limit after blocking an interstate on-ramp

24-year-old Joseph Rock was found in his vehicle blocking a lane of traffic on an entrance ramp to I-24. He states he was driving on the interstate when a semi-truck struck his vehicle. Police say he was heavily intoxicated and reeked of alcohol. He was swaying as he attempted to stand, and declined field sobriety tests. Rock blew a 0.172% BAC on a breathalyzer.

DUI: Woman “exhausted from work” took cocaine “that might have been meth” & “a lot of weed”

27-year-old Megan Hoover is charged with DUI after she crashed at I-24 & Haywood Lane Sunday. She told officers she was exhausted from work, and had smoked “a lot of weed”, taken suboxone earlier that morning, and had done what she initially believed to be cocaine, but now believes it was methamphetamine. Before falling asleep during transport she was talking to someone who wasn’t there.

Woman skates across gore point to get on I-40; charged with DUI

25-year-old Anna Adcock was charged with DUI after a traffic stop was conducted based on speeding and other traffic violations.