Metro Council member Bob Mendes struck by van while bicycling in West Nashville

Metro Council member-At-Large Bob Mendes was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle Tuesday morning at 51st & Charlotte Ave. Mendes posted on social media shortly after the accident, stating “In the bike lane…slow enough speed where it looks like a scraped knee and an adrenaline dump might be the worst of it for me. Not sure about the bike yet.” #developing

Homeless man struck & killed by Uber Eats driver on West End Ave overnight.

Just before midnight on Wednesday, witnesses say a homeless man was crossing the roadway on West End Ave, between 17th Ave S & 18th Ave S. He was struck on West End Ave by a young female driver that was on a delivery for Uber Eats, that she had just picked up from a restaurant. Witnesses report he received CPR at the scene, however he did not survive the impact. The driver stated that the victim “came out of no where”. This is a developing story, and the victim’s name…