Christyna Golden caught with a copious amount of different drugs

34-year-old Christyna Golden was jailed on January 4th after being caught in possession of copious amounts of drugs. Officers located a Toyota parked in the Dollar General parking lot on West Trinity Road with two overdosed occupants who had to be transported to the hospital. Christyna was found in the front passenger’s seat next to 22 Xanax pills, 5.9 grams of marijuana, 11 grams of crack, 6.6 grams of cocaine, four scales, three used pipes, and a couple hundred dollars. Christyna Golden was taken into custody and charged with two counts of felony possession of cocaine, two counts of possession/casual exchange, and drug paraphernalia.

18-year-old Fischer Krebs found with 80 THC vape pens, gun, and two bags of marijuana

18-year-old Fischer Krebs was in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck on December 29th, which was the subject of a call to police. The caller believed the driver and passenger to be trespassing on private property. Krebs exited the vehicle when officers arrived, along with the passenger. When speaking with Krebs, officers noticed he had a strong odor of marijuana, to which Krebs admitted they had smoked a THC vape pen inside the vehicle. A search of the vehicle yielded 80 THC vape pens, a handgun, and two bags of marijuana. Fischer Krebs was taken into custody, transported to the Davidson County Detention Center, and booked without incident.

Thomas Hardy allows store to be robbed in exchange for crack cocaine

57-year-old Thomas Hardy was working at the Mapco on Smith Springs Road and allowed three individuals to enter the store three separate times and steal $9,794.22 worth of merchandise without trying to stop them, call the police, or the store manager. The thieves stole from the front of the store and the employee-only back room. When the store manager, Ms. Heather Azevedo, arrived, she noticed that the merchandise was missing, and Mr. Hardy provided no answers about where it had gone. When she watched the security footage, she noticed that the three subjects conversed with Hardy as they walked past him while committing theft. Ms. Azevedo called the police with the suspicion that Hardy was acquainted with and conspired with the thieves when she heard him tell the subjects, “Come back again.” Mr. Hardy later admitted to officers that he allowed the subjects to steal from the store in exchange for crack.

Rapper Roman ‘BuckBills’ Swanagan jailed on cocaine & gun charges

33-year-old Roman Swanagan, locally known as rapper ‘BuckBills,’ was jailed Friday night after police found narcotics and a handgun during a traffic stop. Swanagan was driving a silver Audi that was going 80 mph in a 70 mph zone. The vehicle smelled of marijuana, and the passengers explained they had just left a location where people were smoking weed. During a search of the vehicle, officers located 4 grams of cocaine. A Ruger handgun was found under the driver’s seat. A second handgun was found in the center console, which was claimed by a passenger. Swanagan was in possession of over $7,000 cash and two cell phones which police say is a common indicator of street-level narcotic sales. Swanger denied using narcotics.

Jaeden Coy punches at father’s face; upset his pills were taken

18-year-old Jaeden Coy tried to beat up his father, Paul Coy, according to an arrest warrant. The suspect attempted multiple times to punch his father in the face after accusing his father of throwing away his pills. Luckily, the victim could block Jaeden’s punches and struck him back several times in the stomach out of self-defense.

Xavier Rolle issued citations for cocaine & prohibited gun possession in Nashville

22-year-old Xavier Rolle was issued a state citation for cocaine possession and carrying a prohibited weapon after police conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle in late October when they observed expired plates on his vehicle, which was traveling at a high rate of speed. During the traffic stop, Rolle advised officers he had a gun in the vehicle, that it belonged to him, and it was under the back seat passenger’s legs. Officers retrieved the gun, which was a short-barrel shotgun — a prohibited weapon in Tennessee. During a pat down search, a grinder was discovered, which had multiple small baggies of white powder inside that tested positive for cocaine. Rolle was booked on the citations this week and has retained Bobby Ballinger as counsel.

Isaac Jameson busted in underage drunken & drug-induced rampage in downtown Nashville

20-year-old Isaac Jameson faces multiple charges after Metro Nashville Police say admitted to being “on drugs” in addition to underage drinking while in downtown Nashville. Jameson was initially observed stumbling on Broadway when a bouncer from a nearby club advised Jameson was pushing other citizens and accusing one of taking his money.

Jameson attempted to enter multiple downtown bars and was successfully blocked by security until he reached Second Fiddle Saloon, where he was able to push past security and enter the bar area, which is where police caught up with him as he was in a physical fight with bouncers. Body camera footage shows him yelling “f*/k you!” to police as he attempts to pull away from them. He was transported to Metro General for medical clearance, where he continued to resist personnel, and then transported to booking.

Former State Rep Jeremy Durham charged with DUI in late night downtown Nashville crash

Former State Representative Jeremy Durham was arrested overnight by the Metro Nashville Police Department. He is charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $2,000, and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office gave him pre-trial release from their facility.

Just after 11 p.m. Saturday, Metro Nashville police responded to 1st & Broadway, where 38-year-old Jeremy Durham was involved in a motor vehicle collision. Officer Cote observed indicators of impairment to include slurred speech, dilated pupils, and Durham was unsteady on his feet.

Mr. Durham tried to walk away, at which point he was detained in a patrol car. Officers report they could smell the obvious odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and person, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his speech appeared slow and mumbled.

When requested to perform field sobriety tests, Durham simply replied, “lawyer,” and gave the same answer repeatedly when asked about a blood test. Due to the other driver being injured, a search warrant was requested for Durham’s blood.

During a search incident to the arrest of Durham, officers located a green metal grinder with marijuana residue. He was additionally charged with possession of paraphernalia. When Officer Cote was placing him in handcuffs, he physically resisted by trying to pull away from Officer Cote, trying to prevent being secured in handcuffs.

DUI: Luxury Realtor Jodie Barringer overdoses after taking ‘pill from a friend’ and driving; revived by NFD

57-year-old Josephine ‘Jodie’ Barringer was booked this week on an outstanding citation from May charging her with DUI. Nashville Fire says they were the first to arrive at the scene on May 4th to find Barringer unconscious in the driver’s seat of her Volvo XC60, which had crashed on Woodmont Blvd, striking a fire hydrant and a utility pole. First responders administered 4mg of NARCAN, and she regained consciousness while being loaded into the ambulance. She admitted to taking a pill that a friend gave her prior to driving but denied knowing what it was. Officers say she was sweating profusely and was very disheveled in her appearance. She was transported to the hospital and given a state citation in lieu of arrest.

Melvin Reed Jr charged with egging cars & dealing drugs

18-year-old Melvin Reed Jr was quickly identified as one of the individuals throwing eggs at cars on 25th Ave. North. After meeting with the victim, who was in her car that was “clearly covered with eggs, yolks, and shells.” Reed was found a short distance away, along with another individual. The egging victim also reported he was carrying a gun, though a gun was never recovered. In fact, nothing was discovered on his person during an initial search, so the officer conducted a second pat-down before placing him in the patrol car, just to make sure he didn’t miss anything. During that second search, he located $74 in small bills, a small bag with six Oxycodone pills, a flip phone, and an iPhone.