Dayne Barnett breaks baby-mama’s iPhone 15 Pro Max, steals multiple items from her apartment

30-year-old Dayne Dewayne Barnett had a domestic incident with the mother of his child, Kaylia Weiters, at her Hobson Pike apartment around 9 p.m. on May 2nd. Weiters alerted the authorities, advising them that Barnett came to drop their daughter off, during which an argument ensued because he thought she was seeing another man. During the dispute, he grabbed her $1,500 iPhone 15 Pro Max out of her hand and threw it onto the pavement, causing it to shatter and break before leaving. Weiters showed officers messages from Barnett on their daughter’s iPad, where he stated, “You’re the one who provoked me,” after she asked about her phone. Then, he sent another message, saying, “Tell the court what caused the altercation that caused your phone to be broken.” She did not wish to press charges, but officers did on her behalf.

Then, after the occurrence, Barnett refused to pay for Weiters iPhone, so she drove to his Arlene Drive residence to confront him about it. When she got there, she messaged him, but he did not respond. So Weiters entered his home and took his laptop before going on a trip on May 3rd. On May 5th, she returned and discovered that she had property missing from her apartment, including 3-4 $200 bottles of cologne, a juicer, an air fryer, and some of her medical documents. A neighbor provided Weiters with footage from their ring camera, showing Barnett outside Weiters’ door around 11:26 p.m. on May 3rd. Weiters showed the police Barnett’s messages about the incident, which said, “I took everything back to take out of my house.” The messages included a photo of her medical paperwork. Then, Weiters stated that he also sent her a voice message saying he had taken the cologne, thinking it belonged to the man she was seeing and the juicer because he had gifted it to her years ago. Then, Weiters added that on May 5th, she heard a loud noise on her apartment porch, so she ran outside and noticed Barnett’s vehicle driving away with her missing medical documents on her porch. Officers issued two warrants for his arrest on May 10th. Barnett was taken into custody for vandalism and aggravated burglary on June 3rd.

Christyna Golden caught with a copious amount of different drugs

34-year-old Christyna Golden was jailed on January 4th after being caught in possession of copious amounts of drugs. Officers located a Toyota parked in the Dollar General parking lot on West Trinity Road with two overdosed occupants who had to be transported to the hospital. Christyna was found in the front passenger’s seat next to 22 Xanax pills, 5.9 grams of marijuana, 11 grams of crack, 6.6 grams of cocaine, four scales, three used pipes, and a couple hundred dollars. Christyna Golden was taken into custody and charged with two counts of felony possession of cocaine, two counts of possession/casual exchange, and drug paraphernalia.

19-year-old Christorfer Lucas punches pregnant girlfriend multiple times in face during argument

19-year-old Christorfer Lucas was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Tomesha Fennessee, at the Overlook Ridge Apartments on December 20th. The situation began with an argument between the couple. During the argument, Christorfer got into Tomesha’s face. When she told him to back up, Christorfer punched her in the head and the face multiple times. Tomesha tried to fight back, prompting Christorfer to knock her to the ground and continue to hit her in the head. Tomesha attempted to get out her phone and call the police, but Christorfer took her phone and left the apartment. Soon after, Tomesha walked to the front of the apartment complex. Christorfer pulled up next to her, he then threw her phone out of the car window and left. Upon contact with law enforcement, Tomesha produced a voice message of Christorfer saying that Tomesha “explained herself” after they “got into it.” Christorfer further stated that he was not afraid to go to jail. Tomesha was sent to the Centennial Hospital for medical evaluation due to her being nine weeks pregnant. Christorfer Lucas was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call on January 2nd.

Elijah Foster flees from police after stealing a Dodge Challenger

18-year-old Elijah Foster was jailed this week for fleeing from the police after stealing an orange Dodge Challenger. The owner of the vehicle was able to track it and informed police of its whereabouts. When police located the vehicle, Foster exited the driver’s seat and fled on foot into a tree line. K9 officers arrived and placed Foster into custody. The stolen vehicle was valued at $26,000.

Nia Branch charged with child neglect after her child roamed outside while she slept off a hangover

21-year-old Nia Branch was naked from the waist down when she answered her front door Friday morning and stood face to face with Metro Nashville Police officers. They asked if she knew the location of her young child, who she believed was still in the apartment with her. In reality, the child, wearing only shorts and a soiled diaper, had been running around the apartment complex unsupervised and knocking on doors, asking for food. Neighbors had fed the child and changed the dirty diaper. They told police the child was frequently outside unsupervised and naked, asking for food. Branch told officers she had been out drinking the night before and wasn’t aware the child had left the home.

Gregory Alvarez says he was “drunk as hell” as he called 911 sixteen times from the hospital

24-year-old Gregory Alejandro Alvarez says he was “drunk as hell” after drinking four shots of tequila, two beers, and two cups of wine before calling 911 sixteen times… from inside Metro General Hospital. Alvarez had been discharged from the hospital after being treated for an unrelated incident, claiming that hospital staff had stolen his money. Dispatchers advised him to stop calling 911 for this matter multiple times on multiple calls, yet the calls continued to come into the Emergency Communications Center.

Victoria Craig charged in DUI crash with open bottle of wine & marijuana in car

21-year-old Victoria Craig was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Sunday morning after police observed her crash her vehicle onBrick Church Pike. Craig was driving, with Allison Reese in the passenger seat. They ran a red light and struck a vehicle driven by Karl Batson. All three were transported for medical evaluation and treatment of minor injuries. While inventorying Craig’s car for towing, officers located a half-empty bottle of White Zinfandel in the driver’s cupholder, a bottle of Cosmopolitan Effen Vodka in the passenger side floorboard, and a bag of marijuana in the other cupholder. During an interview, Craig admitted to drinking shots and smoking marijuana prior to driving.

Brandon Floyd Bell had “20 beers” before fighting his friend at a gas station

32-year-old Georgia tourist Brandon Floyd Bell told police he had “20 beers” before fighting with his friend at the gas station at 3200 Clarksville Pike in the early hours of Saturday morning. Police arrived to observe a crowd of onlookers watching the altercation. Bell was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

“Til death do us part…” says woman as she kidnaps her wife at gunpoint & strangles her — Alexia Dunn arrested

28-year-old Alexia Dunn is charged with the aggravated kidnapping and strangulation of her wife, Quenticia, after accusing her of having a new lover while the couple is preparing to finalize their divorce. Court records indicated she pulled a handgun on her wife and stated “we gonna die tonight, till death do us part!”, grabbed her by the neck and pressed her against a wall until she went limp, smashed her phone so she was unable to call for help, and when she was able to escape to ask a neighbor for help, Alexia physically picked her up and forced her back inside the residence. Alexia Dunn is free on a $35,000 bond.

DUI: 21-year-old crashes after 2 Truly drinks & 4 tequila shots at Halloween Pary — Seth Cann

21-year-old Seth Cann is charged with DUI after leaving a Halloween party and crashing his car. When asked for his insurance, he provided a Valvoline service card. Cann admitted to having two Truly drinks, and 3-4 tequila shots before driving. After urinating on himself in the breathalyzer room at booking, he is free on pre-trial release.