Gregory Alvarez says he was “drunk as hell” as he called 911 sixteen times from the hospital

24-year-old Gregory Alejandro Alvarez says he was “drunk as hell” after drinking four shots of tequila, two beers, and two cups of wine before calling 911 sixteen times… from inside Metro General Hospital. Alvarez had been discharged from the hospital after being treated for an unrelated incident, claiming that hospital staff had stolen his money. Dispatchers advised him to stop calling 911 for this matter multiple times on multiple calls, yet the calls continued to come into the Emergency Communications Center.

Ohio tourist Stacey Garman — drunk and disorderly in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 51-year-old Stacey Camron Garman was drunkenly beating on the cars of strangers during his trip to Nashville from Ohio. Officers arrived at the scene and located Garman sitting on a nearby bench, bleeding from his head. He was obviously intoxicated and unable to care for himself. He was unable to locate his cell phone to call for a ride, and his wife, Lena Garman, was unable to be reached. After he was unable to tell officers which hotel he was staying at, Garman was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

KY man Dustin Swann fights at FGL House, pushes cop in the chest, resists arrest

Metro Nashville Police found 25-year-old Dustin Swann, described as a bloody ginger with a ripped shirt, near 3rd & Demonbreun in downtown Nashville, where he had stumbled after fighting with multiple patrons at the FGL House bar. When Officer Forrest Punke approached the heavily intoxicated man, Swann pushed Punke in the chest with his hands, knocking him backward with substantial force. He also battled with Officer Joshua Zambrano-Vera as he attempted to place him into custody. Eventually secured by cuffs, Swann continued to be hostile and shout at patrons.