DUI: Samantha Allen attempts to run over police officers in BMW i3, crashes into yard

38-year-old Samantha Jo Allen was being disorderly near Southside Place on the night of March 4th. When officers arrived, Allen’s friends advised them that she had been consuming alcohol before driving off in her black BMW. After a brief search, officers located her in an alleyway behind Southside Place, lying back in the driver’s seat of her BMW i3, fully reclined. When officers approached the car, they shined a flashlight through the window, causing Allen to jump up in her seat and become responsive. Allen exhibited multiple indicators of intoxication, such as having bloodshot eyes. When Allen noticed the officers, she began reversing her BMW, nearly hitting Officers Bene, Mendoza, and Ireland. Then, officers told her to park her car and exit, which she ignored as she maneuvered past them, nearly hitting them again before she fled. After officers searched the area, they found Allen near 9th Circle South and Olympic Street, where she had crashed her BMW into a yard, hitting a parked car. Allen started running away between two nearby houses until detectives pursued her and told her to stop, which she complied with. Allen was taken into custody for driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and three counts of aggravated assault on a first responder on March 6th.

Markus Higgs found unresponsive in downtown Nashville alley; assaults those helping him

In the early morning hours of July 1st, 29-year-old Markus Higgs was found unresponsive in an alley near 417 Broadway in downtown Nashville. As officers checked on his welfare, they could see he had slight breath movements in his chest, but either could not or would not answer any questions such as who he was, where he was, how old he was, or what he was doing there. Medics responded to the scene and assisted him to a stretcher when he suddenly swung at one of the first responders and began screaming at police and kicking at officers, making impact with Officer Wheatley’s chest. He was then cuffed, restrained, and transported to booking.

KY man Dustin Swann fights at FGL House, pushes cop in the chest, resists arrest

Metro Nashville Police found 25-year-old Dustin Swann, described as a bloody ginger with a ripped shirt, near 3rd & Demonbreun in downtown Nashville, where he had stumbled after fighting with multiple patrons at the FGL House bar. When Officer Forrest Punke approached the heavily intoxicated man, Swann pushed Punke in the chest with his hands, knocking him backward with substantial force. He also battled with Officer Joshua Zambrano-Vera as he attempted to place him into custody. Eventually secured by cuffs, Swann continued to be hostile and shout at patrons.

Drunk Milwaukee Nurse takes Nashville Police officer to the ground — Julie Elliot arrested

32-year-old Milwaukee Nurse Julie Elliot was causing a scene at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nashville just after last-call Thursday morning. Police say she was extremely intoxicated and causing a commotion in the lobby. Police confirmed she was not a guest, but had been stumbling on Broadway and concerned citizens walked her to the Hilton lobby. She walked away as police encountered her, reeking of alcohol and barely able to walk. She told officers she was walking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Due to her extreme intoxication and inability to care for herself, officers began to take her into custody for public intoxication. Elliot resisted, pulled away, and attempted to break free. Once cuffed, and as she was being escorted to the patrol car, she wrapped one of her legs around the front of MNPD Officer Blake Lutz’s right leg and then wrapped her other leg around the back of his right leg, causing them both to fall onto the ground, ripping his pants, and injuring his right knee. She continued to grapple as they attempted to place her into a patrol car.