Ryan Sosa charged with child abuse after infant daughter sustains life-threatening injuries

33-year-old Ryan Manuel Sosa was taken into custody for aggravated child abuse on February 15th. On February 12th, officers arrived at Sosa’s residence on Dodson Chapel Road, responding to reports of a 5-month-old female infant not breathing. CPR was attempted before the child was transported to Centennial Children’s Hospital, where she was diagnosed with multiple internal injuries. The injuries include diffuse cerebral edema, subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhages on her head in multiple places, a fracture to her distal tibia, and retinal hemorrhages in both eyes. Dr. Turner advised officers that the injuries were consistent with non-accidental trauma and are life-threatening. On February 15th, they interviewed Sosa, who stated he was home alone with the child while her mother was at work. Initially, Sosa told officers he went to pick the child up from her bassinet after noticing her head in the pillow. He then blew in her mouth and carried her into his bedroom. After explaining the injuries to Sosa, he told detectives that she also fell off the bed, which may have caused them. Sosa was taken into custody and charged with aggravated child abuse on February 15th.

Christopher Graham threatened a man with a knife at church

25-year-old Christopher Graham got into a scuffle with Loren Valentin at the Nashville Ethiopian Evangelical Church on Lebanon Pike on December 4th. Valentin advised officers that the incident began regarding his missing cell phone. He stated that Graham dumped his bag to show him that there was no cell phone. A large and small knife fell out of the bag, and someone else tried to grab the large knife before Graham was able to, but when he grabbed it, he began to yell at and threaten Valentin before stabbing the knife into a table and leaving. Valentin and witnesses told officers that Graham returned and became agitated, waving around his smaller knife before exiting the location again, putting him in fear. Graham was in possession of the small knife when the officers arrived and was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Thomas Hammons had shoes on wrong feet, jacket on inside out, drunk in Hermitage

23-year-old Thomas Hammons was disorderly at an extended stay property on Central Pike on November 27th. Officers observed Hammons to be highly intoxicated, with both of his shoes on the wrong feet and with his jacket inside out. He was unable to answer the officer’s questions, was speaking incoherently, could not get into the patrol car properly, and refused medical attention. Multiple witnesses stated they had seen Hammons wandering, banging on cars and windows at numerous apartment complexes. Hammons was taken into custody for public intoxication and transported to booking.

David Faill pulls gun on her ex-roommate

26-year-old David Faill’s ex-roommate called the police after he needed to return to the residence on Hermitage Dr. that he and David once shared to grab some items with his friend on September 11th. The ex-roommate, Cody Kless, told police that an order of protection against David was dismissed on September 8th, which police confirmed. He said that when he went to the residence, he looked up while he was on the floor and saw David. She had a weapon on her, and he could see straight down the barrel. Cody said it took her thirty to forty minutes to put the weapon away while standing next to the door. Reportedly, he did not feel safe to leave, and his friend corroborated the entire story. Police identified David through ARMS and placed her into custody for aggravated assault.

Dominique Holland breaks into ex-girlfriend’s home with pistol — “I really want to hurt you right now”

25-year-old Dominique Holland admitted to breaking his ex-girlfriend’s back glass door and entering her house with a pistol after they argued on August 19th. Police arrived at his ex-girlfriend, Terrica Woods’s, house and spoke to Terrica about the incident. She stated that she and Dominique argued at her house earlier, but he had to leave to cool off. While he was gone, she said that he called her several times and then arrived back at the home. Dominique knocked at the door until Terrica came outside to sit in the car with him, and he said to her, “I really want to hurt you right now.” She went back inside, then he began knocking on the door, went around back, shattered her glass back door valued at approximately $300, and entered the home with a pistol in his hand. Despite him pointing it at her or threatening to use it, she stated that she felt in danger. Terrica’s 16-year-old son said that he heard Dominique say, “Someone is gonna get arrested or die tonight,” which Dominique denied saying.

Caroline Fitzhugh calls 911 and reports she murdered her roommate; she didn’t

32-year-old Caroline Fitzhugh called 911 on May 19 to report she had murdered her roommate. Further investigation revealed she did not murder anyone but rather called 911 with a false report of an emergency to “show her family a wake-up call.” She was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Jaden Winsor fights with bouncers after kicked from Whisky Row bar in Nashville

Police say tourist Anthony Jaden Winsor was in a physical altercation with a bouncer at Whisky Row in downtown Nashville just before 1 a.m. Saturday. Officers observed the fight and intervened, separating both parties. Winsor showed signs of extreme intoxication and reeked of alcohol. As officers attempted to take Jade Winsor into custody for public intoxication, he pulled his arms away and flailed about with his arms and legs. After a brief struggle, he was taken into custody and transported to jail.