Mateus Alves rapes minor ex-girlfriend at New Year’s Eve party, tells her “I will do it whether you want it or not”

18-year-old Mateus Alves had a single-vehicle accident with a minor female near Green Hills Child Development on Belmont Boulevard in the early hours of March 29th. His passenger was transported to the hospital for her injuries. When officers spoke with Alves, he repeatedly asked the same questions and stated he was distracted by his radio. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and after being read implied consent, agreed to provide a blood sample. Alves was transported to Nashville General Hospital and then was taken into custody for driving under the influence. Alves was released on a $1,000 bond.

On April 18th, his minor girlfriend disclosed that she and Alves had stopped dating for several weeks before December 31st, 2023, the day they went to a New Year’s Eve party. At the party, she stated Alves was being physically abusive towards her. She advised that they went upstairs to talk because they were getting interrupted, and when she sat on the bed, he started kissing her. She said she kept telling him that they were not going to have sex. Despite this, Alves tackled her onto the bed, pulled her pants down, and asked to give her oral sex before saying, “I will do it whether you want it or not.” He then forcibly had penetrative sex with the victim while she repeatedly told him no. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Alves was taken into custody for rape on May 4th.

Selvin Pop-Mac gets 12-year-old pregnant

23-year-old Selvin Adelso Pop-Mac was taken into custody for statutory rape on April 23rd. Officers were called to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, where they were advised that a 15-year-old mother arrived with her boyfriend/ father of her child, Pop-Mac, regarding a medical issue with their nearly 2-year-old child. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the 15-year-old, who stated she lied to Pop-Mac when they first met, telling him she was 19. She added that he later discovered her age, and they had been living together for the last five months. She said that they have had sex more than “that one time.” When officers talked to Pop-Mac, he corroborated the juvenile’s statements, advising that since they had been living together, he had been aware of her age and admitted to having sex with her. He was then taken into custody.

Ryan Sosa charged with child abuse after infant daughter sustains life-threatening injuries

33-year-old Ryan Manuel Sosa was taken into custody for aggravated child abuse on February 15th. On February 12th, officers arrived at Sosa’s residence on Dodson Chapel Road, responding to reports of a 5-month-old female infant not breathing. CPR was attempted before the child was transported to Centennial Children’s Hospital, where she was diagnosed with multiple internal injuries. The injuries include diffuse cerebral edema, subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhages on her head in multiple places, a fracture to her distal tibia, and retinal hemorrhages in both eyes. Dr. Turner advised officers that the injuries were consistent with non-accidental trauma and are life-threatening. On February 15th, they interviewed Sosa, who stated he was home alone with the child while her mother was at work. Initially, Sosa told officers he went to pick the child up from her bassinet after noticing her head in the pillow. He then blew in her mouth and carried her into his bedroom. After explaining the injuries to Sosa, he told detectives that she also fell off the bed, which may have caused them. Sosa was taken into custody and charged with aggravated child abuse on February 15th.

Daniel Rider, 57, charged with sexual battery of 7-year-old in Nashville

57-year-old Daniel Rider is charged with the sexual battery of a child and free on a $25,000 bond after a 7-year-old female says he touched her private parts while staying with him. When detectives asked her what she meant by ‘private parts’ she pointed out the appropriate lower frontal region. He also reportedly exposed himself to the child.