Devotis Shelton jailed for sexual battery incident at West End Avenue 7/11

26-year-old Devotis J Shelton was jailed on October 31st for an outstanding warrant regarding a sexual battery incident that occurred in June 2021. On 6/13/2021, Clara Wyszynsiki-Silva was at 7/11 on West End Avenue to get gas when she noticed Shelton staring at her through her windshield as he walked into the store. Silva had issues with her card at the pump, so she went inside to pay. As she approached the front door, Shelton was exiting, so she nervously moved to avoid him. Then, Shelton moved to reach Silva and grabbed her shirt, tearing it, before grabbing her right breast and fleeing as she yelled at him. Silva then went inside to tell 7/11 employees what happened. Officers received surveillance from 7/11 consistent with this version of events and were given screenshots of Shelton to identify him. Silva was later given a photo lineup and pinpointed Shelton as the assailant.

Brock Gibson jailed after grabbing woman’s butt, another’s vagina, at Tequila Cowboy

40-year-old Brock Gibson reportedly grabbed a woman’s butt and another woman’s vagina outside Tequila Cowboy on August 26th. The woman, Delaina Young, told police after they were flagged down outside Honky Tonk Central that she felt someone grab her butt as she was walking outside the Tequila Cowboy. She turned around and saw Brock standing behind her, then watched him grab another woman “by the v*gina”. Witness Shacarolyn Alexander said that she watched Brock grab Delaina’s butt and the other woman’s vagina. The other woman walked away and was not present to report on the situation. Police made contact with Brock, who showed signs of being visibly intoxicated. He was placed into custody for sexual battery and public intoxication. While in transport, Brock spit on the back window of the patrol car and then vomited in the back seat. Police pulled him out of the vehicle and waited for Brock to feel okay before continuing transport. After they resumed transporting Brock, he puked all over the back of the car again.

Mark Bailey indicted on two counts of sexual battery

The Davidson County Grand Jury indicted 52-year-old Mark Bailey for two counts of sexual battery. Mark intentionally engaged in an unlawful sexual act with Hassan Jackson on July 24th, 2020 twice. He was placed into custody for the charges on August 23rd and posted a $5,000 bond.

Yurii Kolomiiets charged with grabbing underage girls buttocks at Nashville Walmart

25-year-old Yurii Kolomiiets was detained by Walmart loss prevention after inappropriately touching a juvenile. Police arrived at the Nashville Walmart around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday to review video footage of the incident. The footage showed Yurii walking up behind a juvenile female, grabbing her buttocks, then walking away while staring at her. The juvenile said she did not consent to this. Her mother, who was present, stated that she and her daughter wished to prosecute. Yurri was placed into custody for sexual battery.

Vanderbilt Ph.D. Student Hellen Valencia Lemos charged in attempted statutory rape and sexual assault of minor

24-year-old Hellen Valencia Lemos M.S. (a Ph.D. Student at Vanderbilt) was indicted by the Davidson County Grand Jury on the 26th of July. Hellen was charged with attempted statutory rape by an authority figure and three counts of sexual battery. The indictment states that Hellen engaged in attempted sexual penetration with a minor between 13 and 18 years old from January 2022 to June 2022. Also, it states that she was in a position of authority over the minor.

Mario Greer charged in sexual assault of hotel employee where he worked as a valet

25-year-old Mario Greer is accused of sexually assaulting an employee of the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Nashville, where he worked as a valet. The victim says that on March 5, Greer, who she only vaguely knew as someone who worked in the building, followed her into the service elevator after her lunch break. She says he put her in a “bear hug” from behind and she could feel his erect member through his pants. He reportedly fondled her breasts and buttocks before she was able to break away. Officers documented bruising on her arm, and a warrant was issued for Greer’s arrest.

Kenneth Harris jailed after wild sexual assault of two juveniles, one his cousin

34-year-old Kenneth Harris told his juvenile cousin that he would “eat out her c**chie and drive her crazy.” On April 30th, Kenneth, at Cayce Homes, reportedly grabbed his live-in female cousin’s jacket, told her, “I’ll eat out your c**chie and drive you crazy,” and then grabbed her butt. After several adults confronted him, he admitted grabbing his juvenile female cousin’s butt, claiming he was intoxicated during the incident. A week later on June 7th, around 2 am at his mother’s house, which he resides in at Cayce Homes, he grazed against another fifteen-year-old girl’s buttocks on the way up the stairs while she was leaning against the rail. On the way back down the stairs, Kenneth reportedly had an erect penis, rubbed it on her butt, and smirked at her before walking away. The victim and her friend both said that they saw Kenneth do so.

Tourist Chad Buening charged with groping woman at Bridgestone Arena

Meaghan McNamara says she was waiting in line for the women’s restroom at Bridgestone Arena on May 27 when 42-year-old Chad Buening, who she described as a white man with blonde tips in his hair and wearing an Atlanta Falcon’s #18 jersey, approached her and touched her stomach and breast with his hand. She says she told him not to touch her, and he fled to the women’s restroom. As he exited the women’s restroom, Buening reportedly then reached out and touched her breast a second time, prompting her to stick him in the face with one solid punch. He then fled the arena and was located nearby on Demonbreun Street, where she positively identified him. Multiple witnesses all confirmed the incident, and Buening was charged with two counts of sexual battery.

Canadian Michael Mackay jailed after smacking woman on her buttocks at Dream Hotel

42-year-old Canadian Michael Scott Mackay was jailed in Nashville this weekend after police say he used both hands to smack the buttocks of a woman at the bar inside the Dream Hotel. Courtney Williams says she was with a group of five friends at the hotel bar on the first floor, and Mackay approached her multiple times throughout the evening, and she continued to tell him to get away from her. The final time he approached her, he walked up from behind and “smacked her butt with both of his hands at the same time.” Hotel security was alerted, and they escorted Mackay up to his room. Police arrived and reviewed the incident, which was captured by security cameras.

Andre Burke charged with sexual battery of former lover, a TSU Student

19-year-old Andre Burke was jailed early Wednesday morning on an outstanding warrant from February after allegedly touching his friend sexually by force while she was asleep on his couch on W Heiman Street. A’Kaylee Lawson is a TSU student; she told police that she had gone to a friend’s house on February 15th, they ate, watched television, and she fell into a deep sleep. Sometime later, she was woken up by someone touching her leg at first and her private parts over the top of her clothing. She woke up and saw Andre, who she’s been friends with, touching her in a sexual way. She got up and went to a bedroom in the back to have another friend take her home immediately. A detective interviewed Ms. Lawson on February 17th, and she told the same story. She made it clear that she did not give Andre consent to touch her vagina. She also stated that they did have a sexual encounter once before, during the prior semester.