Sadriddin Azizov grabs woman’s breast after delivering food

43-year-old Sadriddin Azizov was taken into custody for sexual battery on June 12th. On March 27th, 2023, at around 2:015 a.m., Caesar’s Italian Pizza contacted Daniela Duque-Iyengar regarding the pizza she ordered, advising her that the delivery driver could not access her apartment complex and needed to meet them at the door. Then, she went across the street to the driver, who she described as a middle-aged Asian man, later identified as Azizov. Duque-Iyengar stated that he handed her half of her order and requested a picture, which she initially agreed with until he held his phone as if he would take a picture of them together. When she asked for the rest of her order, he handed it to her, grabbed her right breast, and fled. Detectives identified the delivery driver after the Caesar’s Italian Pizza manager gave them his phone number. A warrant was issued for his arrest on May 9th, 2023, and he was later detained for the incident.

Vinodkumar Prajapati enters woman’s room ptetending to be Motel 6 staff & touches her breast

42-year-old Vinodkumar Harjivanrhai Prajapati was taken into custody for sexual battery on June 8th. Elizabeth Paige Hale called the police to Motel 6 on Cartwright Street and advised them that around 12 p.m., Prajapati knocked on her door asking if she needed service. She stated she only had the door cracked enough to speak through, but he pushed the door open, grabbed her hand, and kissed it. Prajapati then entered the room, and after he closed the door, he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her on the neck. She responded by pushing him away and asking him to leave. Before leaving, Prajapati pressed his finger against her breast and asked if she had a boyfriend. Hale said she told him to go again, and he walked to the door, opened it, and said, “No problems.” Afterward, she bolted the door and alerted the authorities. When officers Mirandized Prajapati, he agreed to speak with them and admitted to entering the room, but only to clean it. Camera footage showed him in the room for more than five minutes, but he did not clean it. They spoke with the property manager and discovered that Prajapati was not an actual Motel 6 employee and just helped around the property.

Frank Cabrera rapes woman & steals her car after

Frank Cabrera FEAT.

41-year-old Frank Cabrera was taken into custody for aggravated burglary, aggravated rape, sexual battery, and two counts of theft on June 6th. On May 26th, a woman reported that she was sexually assaulted by a male she knew as “Juan,” later identified as Cabrera. She stated that she met him at 404 Bar & Grill, and they went to her apartment building to hang out in her vehicle in a public space. Before they left, she said he had his friend grab his phone from a red Toyota Tundra.

Once at the apartment complex, he asked for a beer, so she went to get it for him because she did not want him to enter her unit, but Cabrera came in anyway, picked her up, put her on the countertop while groping her breasts and removing her bra. After she told him she did not want to do that, he threw her onto her bed, removed her pants, and penetrated her vagina with his fingers until she ripped off his necklace and strangled him with a charging cable until he stopped.

When he left, she locked the door behind him. While she prepared for a shower, Cabrera re-entered her apartment looking for his necklace, which was when she told him to leave. She grabbed her phone and started to call the police, so he fled and took her car keys and purse. Footage from the apartment building corroborated her statements, showing him entering her car and driving away. Her car was recovered at a nearby gas station, with cameras showing him parking at the pump and going to the Lowe’s parking lot, wandering to the loading dock until he was picked up in a red Toyota Tundra. The location had private license plate readers, which showed the Tundra being registered to Cabrera. Warrants were issued for his arrest on June 5th. He was later detained for the incident.

Jeremy Whatley sexually assaults roommate, found in his underwear with 5 ounces of marijuana

38-year-old Jeremy Whatley inappropriately touched Whitney King at her Morrison Street residence on May 2nd. King called the police to her friend’s Bismark Drive home, where she advised officers that she and Whatley had been living together for about two months. She stated that he had groped her breasts and buttocks multiple times since he moved in. King added that after they had a conversation today, she started walking to her room when Whatley grabbed her from behind. Whatley wrapped his arm around her, trying to force her face toward his, attempting to kiss her. King said she pushed him away and locked herself inside her room, telling him to leave her alone. Whatley responded by banging on her door for a while and told her, “You got it coming!” King told police that she no longer feels safe at her Morrison Street home and that she believes it is only a matter of time before he assaults her again or worse. She told officers that she had to take the bus today to get to her friend’s home, where she would stay for the time being. A warrant was issued for Whatley’s arrest.

Then, around 1 a.m. on May 20th, officers responded to a call regarding a person being shot at a Pebble Brook residence. When officers arrived, they located Whatley banging on random doors, appearing to be under the influence. Officers noticed Whatley was partially naked with only his underwear and shoes on. Officers identified him, discovered he had two outstanding warrants, and detained him. During a subsequent search, officers found a small dime bag with .8 grams of an unknown white powdery substance, a bag with 5 ounces/141 grams of marijuana subdivided into five individual bags, and a fully loaded handgun on the porch. While on the way to booking, Whatley was irate, sweating profusely while threatening officers with physical harm. Whatley was taken into custody for domestic assault, sexual battery, felony drug possession, simple possession of a controlled substance, and felony weapon possession.

Franklin Orellana-Maya indicted on 4 counts of sexual battery involving young child

A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted 26-year-old Franklin Orellana-Maya for four counts of sexual battery on March 13th. The indictment alleges that Orellana-Maya, between the 1st day of June 2023 and the 2nd day of August 2023, in Davidson County, Tennessee, and before the finding of this indictment, did intentionally engage in unlawful sexual contact with a child less than 13 years of age. Orellana-Maya was taken into custody on April 30th and charged with four counts of sexual battery. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $400,000.

Darrell Payne sexually assaults woman in tent, says she came in his tent to “Get warm”

52-year-old Darrell Payne inappropriately touched a female on April 21st. She alerted the authorities, advising them she went to Payne’s tent to hang out. She stated this is where Payne put his hands up her shirt, groping her breasts, to which she told him to stop. Then, Payne put his hands down her pants and rubbed her vagina over her underwear. In response to this, she pushed Payne away and left the tent. Officers then Mirandized Payne, under which he stated she came to his tent to “get warm” and that she got in his bed for that purpose. He added that any “contact with her intimate parts” was accidental. Payne told officers that he thought of her as a daughter and would never “sexually assault” her. He later disclosed that he is on the sex offender registry due to similar allegations. Officers conducted a follow-up and discovered he had pleaded guilty to a domestic abuse-related sexual battery in Rutherford County. Payne was taken into custody for sexual battery on May 2nd.

Justin Brooks sexually assaults employee at Vanderbilt Medical Hospital, says he was “Just trying to get to know her”

33-year-old Justin Remero Brooks inappropriately touched a Vanderbilt Medical Hospital employee, Marie Yadira Perdomo, on the afternoon of April 26th. When officers arrived, they were advised that Perdomo was secured in a locked breakroom and that the incident happened on the 7th floor in the elevator lobby waiting room. Officers were provided with camera footage of the occurrence and a description of Brooks. Officers spoke with Perdomo, who stated she was sitting in the waiting room watching a movie when an unknown individual, later identified as Brooks, sat beside her and started conversing with her. She said Brooks began asking her what her name was and what she did at Vanderbilt. Perdomo said he told her his name was Justin, and he was visiting his mom. During their conversation, Brooks told Perdomo that he wanted to come to her house, cook for her, shower with her, and watch Netflix, to which she replied, “No thanks, I have a boyfriend.” Brooks replied, “That does not matter,” and stood up to take a phone call. After he finished the call, he walked over to Perdomo, leaned over, and kissed her on the forehead so she pushed him away. Perdomo then got a call from a nurse, during which she tried to ignore Brooks, hoping he would leave her alone. Brooks then started touching her on the stomach and telling her inappropriate things.

Officers asked her what Brooks said, and she broke down in tears, stating she did not want to tell them. Perdomo said he stood up and started messing with his waistband, telling her, “Come on baby, you know you want this.” Perdomo ignored Brooks and walked towards the elevators. While Perdomo walked away, Brooks asked her where she was going and invited her to eat in the hospital cafeteria, to which she replied, “I do not think so.” She said he asked what floor she was heading to, and she told him a different floor, believing he would try to find her again. Perdomo immediately left and called her sister. While Perdomo filled out her statement, officers located Brooks and asked if he encountered anyone in the waiting room lobby. Brooks was initially vague about the occurrence until officers advised him there was camera footage. Brooks then corroborated Perdomo’s statements, leaving out the part where he kissed her forehead and touched her stomach. He was adamant that nothing was forced and that he was “Just trying to get to know her.” Brooks was then taken into custody for sexual battery on April 27th.

Nathaniel Starr tells police “I like them old” after being accused of inappropriately touching a child

39-year-old Nathaniel Starr was taken into custody for sexual battery and indecent exposure on April 13th after officers were dispatched to the Cambodian International Buddhist Temple on Dellway Drive regarding a 14-year-old boy being inappropriately touched. When officers arrived, the boy told them he and his father were at the location to celebrate Chinese New Year, adding that his father’s acquaintance, Starr, also attended the event. The juvenile victim advised that his dad had to drop someone off and asked him to accompany him, but Starr interjected and suggested he stay with him at the party.

During the party, both he and Starr went to the bathroom together, where Starr cupped the juvenile victim’s buttocks, attempting to pull him toward him, so he pushed him away, which was when Starr lowered his pants and showed his penis. The juvenile victim stated he ran from the bathroom and went to get help.

When officers questioned Starr, he said he had come to the party with his husband. He added that he had gone to the bathroom, and when he came out, people were screaming at him, and he didn’t know why until he was detained by security. Officers asked Starr if he knew the 14-year-old, which he initially said no before telling them he knew him through his father.

He admitted to having “a couple of shots” and stated that he had no idea why the boy would be accusing him. Starr admitted to going to the bathroom with the juvenile victim but insisted that nothing sexual occurred, adding, “I do not like them young; I like them old.” A witness told officers that the juvenile victim approached him after running from the bathroom, telling them, “That guy just touched me and showed me his dick.” He added that when Starr walked out of the bathroom, the boy pointed him out.

Tommie Fiffer grabs a man’s buttocks without consent

63-year-old Tommie Terry Fiffer inappropriately touched Keelan Guthrie while he was working on March 16th. Guthrie alerted the authorities and advised them that while he was engaged in his duties, he was approached from behind by a man, later identified as Fiffer. He further explained that Fiffer placed one hand on his shoulder and, with his other hand, grabbed his buttocks. Guthrie said he had not consented to this and found it highly offensive. Guthrie took a photo of Fiffer as he walked away. The photo showed a man wearing a blue hat, blue shirt, and blue pants with black and white tennis shoes. Guthrie then filed a police report and advised that he did not know the man’s name but had seen him on previous occasions and believed he was homeless.

On March 21st, officers observed Fiffer near 3rd Avenue South and Broadway, wearing the same outfit from Guthrie’s photograph. Fiffer identified himself with his Tennessee Identification card. Guthrie was unable to identify him in a photo line-up, but detectives were able to identify him after reviewing body-worn camera footage. Fiffer was then taken into custody on April 8th for sexual battery.

Veterinarian Michael Copeland charged with sexually assaulting woman from Tin Roof

28-year-old Cookeville veterinarian Michael Ryan Copeland was taken into custody for a sexual battery incident that happened on May 14th, 2022. Copeland and his male friend met two other females at Tin Roof Bar on Demonbreun Street, where they had drinks. While at the bar, one of the females invited his friend to her apartment across the street, so they left. While they were headed there, one of the females was heavily intoxicated, so they assisted her and carried her the rest of the way. Once everyone was inside, the drunk female became “violently ill” and started vomiting, so her friend bathed her, dressed her in clean clothes, and then went back to her room with Copeland’s friend once Copeland volunteered to watch over the drunk female just in case she vomited or aspirated.

Her memory of the events was largely missing due to her intoxication level; however, she clearly remembers waking up in the middle of the night to Copeland touching her vagina, making skin-to-skin contact with his hand in her underwear, asking if she had “liked it,” which was when she told him to stop. She fell asleep and woke up the next morning with Copeland beside her. She added that her shorts were removed, and she woke up only wearing a shirt and underwear. She demanded to know where her clothes were, and Copeland retrieved them from the couch near her feet.

The victim left and contacted the police to file a report of sexual assault. A Medical-Legal Examination, MLE, was conducted, and they drew her blood, where they discovered she still had alcohol in her system several hours after the prior evening. In March 2024, detectives contacted her, and she identified Copeland in a photo lineup, adding that she wished to seek prosecution for the incident. When they reached out to him, he refused to provide a statement, so they spoke with the other individuals who were there that night, who confirmed Copeland was on the couch with the victim. He was booked on March 28th, 2024.