Vinodkumar Prajapati enters woman’s room ptetending to be Motel 6 staff & touches her breast

42-year-old Vinodkumar Harjivanrhai Prajapati was taken into custody for sexual battery on June 8th. Elizabeth Paige Hale called the police to Motel 6 on Cartwright Street and advised them that around 12 p.m., Prajapati knocked on her door asking if she needed service. She stated she only had the door cracked enough to speak through, but he pushed the door open, grabbed her hand, and kissed it. Prajapati then entered the room, and after he closed the door, he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her on the neck. She responded by pushing him away and asking him to leave. Before leaving, Prajapati pressed his finger against her breast and asked if she had a boyfriend. Hale said she told him to go again, and he walked to the door, opened it, and said, “No problems.” Afterward, she bolted the door and alerted the authorities. When officers Mirandized Prajapati, he agreed to speak with them and admitted to entering the room, but only to clean it. Camera footage showed him in the room for more than five minutes, but he did not clean it. They spoke with the property manager and discovered that Prajapati was not an actual Motel 6 employee and just helped around the property.