Nathaniel Starr tells police “I like them old” after being accused of inappropriately touching a child

39-year-old Nathaniel Starr was taken into custody for sexual battery and indecent exposure on April 13th after officers were dispatched to the Cambodian International Buddhist Temple on Dellway Drive regarding a 14-year-old boy being inappropriately touched. When officers arrived, the boy told them he and his father were at the location to celebrate Chinese New Year, adding that his father’s acquaintance, Starr, also attended the event. The juvenile victim advised that his dad had to drop someone off and asked him to accompany him, but Starr interjected and suggested he stay with him at the party.

During the party, both he and Starr went to the bathroom together, where Starr cupped the juvenile victim’s buttocks, attempting to pull him toward him, so he pushed him away, which was when Starr lowered his pants and showed his penis. The juvenile victim stated he ran from the bathroom and went to get help.

When officers questioned Starr, he said he had come to the party with his husband. He added that he had gone to the bathroom, and when he came out, people were screaming at him, and he didn’t know why until he was detained by security. Officers asked Starr if he knew the 14-year-old, which he initially said no before telling them he knew him through his father.

He admitted to having “a couple of shots” and stated that he had no idea why the boy would be accusing him. Starr admitted to going to the bathroom with the juvenile victim but insisted that nothing sexual occurred, adding, “I do not like them young; I like them old.” A witness told officers that the juvenile victim approached him after running from the bathroom, telling them, “That guy just touched me and showed me his dick.” He added that when Starr walked out of the bathroom, the boy pointed him out.