Frequent Fapper Montez Batts jailed after multiple indecent incidents

41-year-old Montez Batts reportedly stared at Madison Mason, walking her dog around 10 a.m. while sitting in his Chevy Malibu on 4th and Madison on April 22nd, 2022. She said that Montez rolled down his window while m*/sturbating to show her what he was doing seemingly. Madison said that he never left the vehicle but later drove off. The officer she reported the indecent exposure to found several other complaints involving a man doing similar things in a Chevy Malibu over the course of a couple of months. The registration was found to be in the ownership of Sharon Harris when the police first investigated, but after the tags needed to be renewed, they found that the ownership had changed to Montez Batts. He was brought into the police headquarters on December 8th of 2022, where police conducted a lineup, and Madison pointed out Montez as the man from the incident back in April. Montez fit the description of two other women, Jenni Melville, and Nicole Havill, in the area complaining that he pulled up to them in a Chevy Malibu with the same registration tag and began m*/turbating in 2022.

On September 9th, police were surveilling the Northside Market on 18th Ave around 10 p.m. when they saw a vehicle pull up with tags registered to Montez Batts. Montez’s license was revoked, and police saw him and a passenger exit the vehicle with what looked like a weapon in their waistbands. Once police found that Montez was a felon, they followed him out of the parking lot. They conducted a traffic stop on Simpkins St. Montez, exited the vehicle without instruction, and began walking toward the patrol vehicle. The officer engaged in a conversation with him until backup arrived. The officer then spoke to the passenger, asked him to step out of the vehicle, and removed the firearm from his person for the duration of the stop for safety. He told the police that he had no other firearm, and police placed Montez into custody.

Police found marijuana in his sock and a digital scale in his pocket. Inside the vehicle, they found a Glock 43 within arms reach of Montez’s driver’s seat. The passenger stated that the weapon was also his but could not tell the officers what model or caliber of the weapon. He told police that he bought his weapon from a gun store, but he bought the Glock 43 from a friend, which police advised could mean the weapon was stolen. The passenger changed his story to the Glock not being his. Police determined that Montez owned the weapon, causing him to have a weapon while being a convicted felon.

Darius Brocks charged with exposing himself to neighbors at The Knolls Apartments in Nashville

22-year-old Darius Brocks said he exposed himself to a woman due to faulty underwear and the drawstring in his shorts. Darius was said to have been committing several acts of indecent exposure all around Knolls Place apartments, according to staff. The staff saw video footage of Darius wearing the same drawstring shorts that he wore Wednesday, the previous day. Several residents complained about his indecent exposure throughout the past few days. Staff followed him when they saw the footage of him wearing the drawstring shorts Wednesday and kept an eye on him until police arrived. Darius fled from the staff. Between then and the police finding him later, he approached and spoke with Susanne Padanyi-Gulyas, who said she noticed his penis hanging from the top of his waistband. After police found him between buildings eight and nine, he agreed to speak under Miranda and told police that Susanne did see his penis briefly exposed. He said that this was unintentional due to faulty shorts. When he reaches into his drawstring shorts pockets, he says that it causes his penis to be exposed. Police asked if the underwear that he had on were faulty too, to which he said yes, they could not contain his genitals. They observed that the drawstring in the shorts was still intact, and he did not explain why tying them was not an option.

Montana Man Riley Griffin whips it out and lets it flow in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Montana tourist Riley Griffin was jailed in Nashville this weekend after whipping it all out and letting it flow in a 4th Ave South parking lot just behind the bars of Broadway. Officers observed him urinating next to a parked vehicle and immediately ordered him to stop the stream and leave the area. Unable to pause the flow, he continued to finish what he had started. Witnesses, including Mary McCants, were in a nearby vehicle and confirmed to officers they witnessed the act and saw his penis during the incident. 

Justin Pernick jailed after holding his own ‘service’ in church stairwell

29-year-old Justin Pernick was reportedly masturbating inside a stairwell of the Otter Creek West End Church on June 22 when employee Leslie Larkins says she witnessed his exposed member as it was being self-serviced. Police arrived and located Pernick a short distance away, taking him into custody. During an interview, he admitted to the ungodly behavior.

Beatrice Heger squats and poops in the middle of Nashville Dollar General store

Police say 57-year-old Beatrice Heger was at the Dollar General on E. Thompson Lane on June 6 when she defecated on the floor in the middle of the store. She then went to exit the store and, once at the door, pulled down her pants, bent over, and spread her cheeks to expose herself once again to everyone in the store. She was gone from the store when police arrived but was located the following day in the parking lot yelling at police. Officers demanded she stops and told her she was under arrest. Heger fled from police on foot, running across Murfreesboro Pike. Once she crossed the intersection, officers lost track of her, and she fled. Later that day, officers located Heger and took her into custody, but not before she punched a citizen in the face in a nearby parking lot.

Wilson Franklin bares his cheeks, sets clothes on fire, while self-pleasuring in hotel lobby

33-year-old Wilson M. Franklin was charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct on December 27th. According to police, Wilson started tearing his clothes off in the lobby of the Comfort Suites on Rivergate Parkway and set them on fire. Amanda Beaty, an employee working the front desk that early morning, told police he “turned his back to the front desk exposing his buttocks, and his right hand was moving rapidly in his pants.” Police reviewed security footage and witnessed the fiery self-pleasure session.

William Jenkins charged after sexual incident at Vanderbilt University Parking Lot

Vanderbilt University student Kristen Lambert says she was in a campus parking lot when 34-year-old William Lozelle Jenkins walked up to her car and approached her driver’s side window, blocking her from leaving. He reportedly unzipped his pants, lowered them, and began to pleasure himself while telling Lambert, “I’ll make your ***** wet,” and “my drugs will make you *** faster.” Officers located Jenkins and took him into custody after a brief struggle and the assistance of additional officers. He had an encounter earlier in the day where he was intimidating and following a Vanderbilt employee and was told to leave the property at that time.

Patricia Jackson says Captain America and Jesus told her she could go shirtless in public

Metro Nashville Police responded to Oldham Street early Tuesday morning to find 42-year-old Patricia Jackson wandering the property clothed in only shorts, with no shirt or bra. Officers demanded she put a shirt on in public. Jackson exclaimed that Captain America and Jesus told her it was fine not to wear a shirt, and refused to cloth herself. After multiple attempts and resolving the situation, she was eventually transported to booking and charged with indecent exposure.

Ladasha Bledsoe & Atalaya Lopez charged after blowing through roadblock, letting it flow.

23-year-old Atalaya Lopez drove through a barrage of emergency vehicles with flashing lights that were blocking the roadway for a police investigation on Donelson Pike early Monday morning in her Chevy Impala at a very high rate of speed. Officers eventually got the vehicle stopped near Knapp Road and observed her extreme level of intoxication and an open container in her cupholder. While she was being placed into custody for DUI, her passenger, 23-year-old Ladasha Bledsoe, repeatedly got in and out of the vehicle despite being told to stay inside the car. Bledsoe then got out a final time, dropped her pants, and exposed herself to police officers while urinating on the roadway. She was charged with indecent exposure.

Dustin Dunham was running naked in the city; Elizabeth Carson says not in her neighborhood!

Elizabeth Lyall Carson called police in a tizzy Tuesday, stating that a “homeless man on drugs and with mental issues” was running naked on the sidewalk near Hillwood High School around 6 p.m. We’re not sure why she believed the man, identified as 35-year-old Dustin Dunham, had mental health issues, was homeless, or was on drugs, but she was adamant about it to police and in dozens of social media comments after she posted his naked photo online. In fact, she says when she drove back by a few minutes later, he was wearing shorts and shoes. When police arrived, he was clothed, so Elizbeth had to become the private prosecutor on the case, and he was charged with indecent exposure. We’re told Carson was “excited and proud” to swear out the warrant on the man, as she shared her adventure to her friends on social media, which includes nearly every judge, politician, and Belle Meade resident in the city.