Man with child support warrant pulls up & bares all to child’s mother, children, & neighbors

26-year-old Antrion Greer, who was wanted for a child support warrant, pulled up to the home of his ‘baby mama’ on October 9th, threatened to beat her, then exposed himself to her, neighbors, and children, and gave her specific instructions as to what she should do with what he was swinging around.

Naked woman pepper-sprayed after 2 MNPD officers can’t cuff her

22-year-old Mariah Nolen, who was naked in downtown Nashville Wednesday morning, was pepper-sprayed by Metro Police, after Officers Byron Carter and Kyle Eicholtz were unable to restrain her with handcuffs to be arrested for indecent exposure.

MNPD Officer punched in face by man with exposed penis who was being pinned to the ground by citizens

Metro Police responded to a Twice Daily store on Friday morning, to find a man with his pants down around his ankles, his penis exposed, and his body pinned to the ground by store employees.

Nashville Realtor Seth Day arrested for DUI & Indecent Exposure while having sex in car in public while drunk.

On Sunday morning, just before 2 AM, MNPD Officer Fondren noticed a vehicle that was parked illegally, with the engine running, at the intersection of S 8th St & Russell St, in East Nashville. Upon approaching the car, he witnessed Seth Hollingsworth Day in the driver’s seat, and a female identified as Mrs. Perry sitting on top of him. Seth day is a realtor with Parks Realty in Nashville. According to a police report, when Mrs. Perry saw the officer approaching, she jumped off Seth Day‘s lap and into the…

Nashville drummer Allen Jones pulls out penis in girl’s car #IndecentExposure #Arrested

Last month, just days before he would leave to go on a European Tour with Will Hoge, Nashville drummer Allen Jones was at The Basement East, where the female victim was playing a show. After the show, the victim and some friends went to 3 Crow Bar, where she sat with some friends, along with Allen Jones (fb) and his friends. As the night progressed, Allen had several drinks and eventually moved to sit with the victim, where they talked until the bar closed. Allen attempted to get a Lyft…

Back At It: Kenneth Jolly Masturbating in Gallatin Pk Ice Cream Shop – ARRESTED

Remember last week when Kenneth Wayne Jolly walked into a MetroPCS store and masturbated in front of children? All those charges were dismissed and he was released. On Saturday he was found in an Ice Cream Shop on Gallatin Pk once again, masturbating for everyone to see, with children around. According to the affidavit: ON 03/10/2018 OFFICERS WERE CALLED TO 903 GALLATIN PIKE S ON A DISORDERLY PERSON MASTURBATING IN AN ICE CREAM PLACE. OFFICERS HAD BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THE DEFENDANT AND WARNED HIM TO STAY AWAY FROM THE…

ARREST: Kenneth Wayne Jolly walked into MetroPCS & ‘Whipped it Out’ | Indecent Exposure

Kenneth Wayne Jolly walked into the Metro PCS at 905 Gallatin Pk S, and sat in a chair in public area of the store. What he did next landed him in jail, and this isn’t his first arrest for it. Several minutes later, employees looked over and noticed that Kenneth Wayne Jolly had his pants down around his ankles and was actively masturbating. The store manager called police and was able to record part of the incident. A customer entered the store, yelled at Jolly, who was still masturbating, at…

Nashville Man Masturbating Inside Advance Financial – his 549th arrest!

On 03/03/2018 at around 0532 hours, police responded to 800 Jefferson St, Advance Financial, for an indecent exposure. Upon arrival, police observed Robert Dale Brown lying on the ground in a corner inside the business openly masturbating, exposing his genitals to police and others in the area. He was taken into custody and transported to booking without incident.   This is Brown’s 549th arrest. He is charged with public indecency, and a $250 bond is set.