Joshua Scott caught with marijuana while riding as passenger in stolen vehicle

18-year-old Joshua Jyshun Scott rode as a passenger in a stolen vehicle on Tucker Road on May 20th. Officers conducted a traffic stop, during which they discovered that Scott had a small bag of marijuana in his right hand. After being cited for the incident, he failed to book himself by June 19th. Scott was later booked on the citation of simple possession on July 7th.

Drunk in Public: Brentwood teen Burton ‘Gage’ Verner jailed after resisting arrest & using fake ID

18-year-old Brentwood resident, Burton ‘Gage’ Verner, was jailed late June 1st after causing a commotion that got the attention of parks police. Verner attempted to walk away from officers as they approached him but eventually gave them a fake Virginia ID and stated he was 21. Officers began to run the identification, and Gage tried to resist arrest and flee from the scene. He was eventually brought to the ground by officers and detained. Burton ‘Gage’ Verner was charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and use of false identification on June 2nd.

Elizabeth Ibarra caught naked with man in car, tells police they were “having sex”

26-year-old Elizabeth Lizeth Ibarra was in the backseat of a vehicle engaging in sexual intercourse with Ibrahim Firatli in the Percy Warner Park parking lot on Vaughn Road on February 18th. Officers observed this and asked them what was going on. The couple replied they were “having sex.” Officers cited both of them for the incident that day. Ibarra and Firatli were both booked on the citation of indecent exposure on March 26th.