Gregory Hardin beats child’s mother with baseball bat

43-year-old Gregory Hardin had an altercation with the mother of his child, Danielle Wagner, at their Sharpe Avenue residence on June 8th. Wagner spoke with responding officers, advising them that she and Hardin had been drinking all day at a water park, and on the way home, they started arguing, during which he hit her arm multiple times. Once they got home, he grabbed a baseball bat from his car and started hitting her with it repeatedly before strangling her. She stated she got away and waited at a neighbor’s house until the police arrived. When officers spoke with Hardin, he gave contradicting statements, telling them Wagner randomly hit him in the face after they got home and that she went to her car, not his, to grab a baseball bat and struck him in the shoulder with it. He said he took the bat from her so she would stop hitting him. Hardin was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Sade Griffin throws water bottle at boyfriend, during altercation about him moving out

35-year-old Sade Griffin had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Brandon Humphrey, at their Dellway Villa Road home on the night of May 17th. Humphrey told responding officers that when Griffin returned to the residence after being “out all day,” Griffin randomly “snapped” at him, telling him he needed to move out. He said she threw multiple items at him, including an aluminum water bottle, leaving a small cut on the left side of his face near his ear. Then, Humphrey said Griffin called an unknown friend over, who arrived, telling him to leave before pointing a gun in his face and fleeing. When officers spoke with Griffin, she corroborated that she was trying to get Humphrey to move out and threw a water bottle, but not in his direction. Then, she admitted having a friend come over to tell him to leave. However, Griffin said her friend never aimed a gun at Humphrey. Griffin was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Ryan Schattenberg caught “beating off” while naked in woman’s yard, says God sent him here

27-year-old Ryan Chance Schattenberg was taken into custody for indecent exposure and aggravated criminal trespass on May 19th. Sierra Anderson and Elijah Huddle alerted the authorities, advising them that a male, later identified as Schattenberg, was in the backyard of their Baxter Avenue residence. They added that they did not know him or how he got there. They said Schattenberg tried to open the back door, placing them in fear. Then they stated Schattenberg took off all his clothes and started “beating off,” exposing his genitals. When officers arrived, they placed Schattenberg in their patrol car. Officers read him his Miranda Rights, during which he started to speak incoherently, saying he lived at “this house” and had just bought it. However, when officers asked Schattenberg what the address was, he did not know it. He also told officers he was looking for his friend “Moses” and that God sent him here. He was detained for the incident on May 20th.

Jaylin Guthrie catches ex-girlfriend with high school friend, tells her “I will kill you guys”

26-year-old Jaylin Guthrie had a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Elizabeth Lewis, at her Bellwood Park Apartment unit on Cahal Avenue late March 8th. Lewis spoke with the officers when they arrived, advising them that she was hanging out with a high school friend, Michael McClary. While they were hanging out, Guthrie arrived unannounced, banging on her door. Lewis said that he must have noticed her extra parking space being occupied. Lewis assumed that this caused Guthrie to become frustrated, calling her repeatedly. Then, Lewis said Guthrie slammed onto the door, causing it to bend near the top and bottom. While doing this, Guthrie told them, “I will kill you guys, and I have a gun on me,” putting her and McClary in fear. Detectives located Guthrie a couple of streets away and initiated a traffic stop. Guthrie advised them that he went over to see his kids, admitting to having a gun in his fanny pack, but insisted he carries it everywhere. Then, Guthrie said he saw McClary inside the apartment, and he began banging on the door during the heat of the moment. Guthrie was taken into custody for domestic assault, assault, and vandalism.

DUI: Comedian Chloe Stillwell drinks heavily before colliding with guardrail

33-year-old Comedian Chloe Stillwell collided with a guardrail on Rosecliff Drive in the late hours of February 1st. NFD personnel were the first to arrive and advised officers that Stillwell was very drunk. When officers spoke with Stillwell, she reeked of alcohol as she stumbled out of the vehicle, having a hard time standing up. Stillwell had incoherent replies to their questions, unaware of her whereabouts. Officers tried to conduct sobriety tests, but she was unable to perform them and refused to provide a breath sample. Stillwell was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation.

Tamya Hill refuses to be removed from patrol car, spits in police officer’s face

25-year-old Tamya Hill was involved in an altercation with the first responding officers at West Hamilton Avenue on December 16th. Officers received a call that a woman was waving around a knife inside of a halfway house. Upon arriving, officers spoke with the residents of the halfway house, and they said that Hill had failed a drug test, so they told her that she had to leave. That infuriated Hill, so she grabbed a knife and began waving it around like she was going to use it. The residents of the halfway house produced a video of Hill yelling and waving the knife around. The officers made contact with Hill and detained her. They began to pat her down for any weapon, but she started kicking and screaming. Suddenly, Hill sat down and refused to stand up when instructed to. Officers attempted to lift her off the ground, but she began to pull away from them and resist with force. While placing Hill into the patrol car, she continued to resist and intentionally kicked Officer Nicholas Sloan in the leg. Hill later spit in the back of the patrol car, vandalizing it. In the secure garage at booking, Hill refused to leave the patrol car and violently resisted officers’ attempts to remove her from the vehicle. Hill grabbed onto a seatbelt and trapped her feet underneath the seat to prevent officers from removing her from the car. Hill then spit in the face of Officer Timothy Mclaughlin when he was trying to pull her feet from the seat.

Zac Stewart assaults girlfriend and friends during drunken bar debacle

27-year-old Zac Stewart was drinking at Neighbors Bar on October 8 when his girlfriend, Evie Clauss, told him that she planned to go back to her home with her friends. Stewart reportedly became angry and grabbed her thumb, bruising it. When the officer observed the victim’s thumb, they noticed that it appeared red and swollen, and had a scratch on the side of it. She also claims that she was unable to move it properly. When his girlfriend insisted on going home with her friends, Stewart tackled another person from the friend group, Chandler May, causing a visible bruise on the victim’s shoulder.

An unnamed friend of all parties stepped in at this point to ensure that Stewart would not fight anyone else and kept him away from the group. After eventually getting away from that friend, Stewart punched another of his girlfriend’s friends, Morgan Brooks. At that point, Clauss and her friends got an Uber home and left Stewart at the bar. When Stewart showed up at the residence with the friend, trying to keep the peace, the victim stated they didn’t want him there, so the friend attempted to escort him out. At that point, he began fighting back against the unnamed friend. The police were called, and Stewart was transferred for medical treatment before being transported to booking.

Florida man Matthew Giello jailed after biting ex-boyfriend during fight

38-year-old Matthew Giello had a tussle with his ex-boyfriend outside of Planet Fitness when his ex threatened to hurt himself if Matthew left him. On July 29th, MNPD officers spoke to Matthew’s ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Rivas, who first said that Matthew kidnapped him from Florida. Later, Nicholas said he willingly got into Matthew’s car after being offered drugs. Police then spoke to Matthew, who said Nicholas is schizophrenic and there is a history of domestic violence between the two of them documented in Florida. He also said that the dispute started inside the locker room at Planet Fitness when Nicholas said that Matthew was going to leave him forever and threatened to harm himself. Matthew grabbed Nicholas’ phone and exited, where Nicholas followed and put Matthew into a chokehold. He said that he had to bite Nicholas’ hand to escape. Nicholas told police that Matthew put him in a chokehold when he attempted to get his phone back and that Matthew bit him. Police noted marks on Nicholas’ hand and no marks on Matthew, so he was deemed the primary aggressor and was placed into custody.