Demar Ballin pushes wife down stairs during argument

37-year-old Demar Ranaldo Ballin had a domestic altercation with his wife, Lamoy Monique Wallace, who was 33 weeks pregnant with their child at the time, at their Sunset Circle residence on the afternoon of May 4th, 2020. NFD transported Wallace to Nashville General Hospital on Albion Street, where she spoke with officers. Wallace advised officers that she and Ballin argued over him not turning down the music on his phone. During the argument, Wallace walked over to Ballin and slapped the phone out of his hand. Then Ballin pushed her down, causing her to hit a dresser, leaving an abrasion on her right forearm. Officers observed the injuries and deemed him as the primary aggressor. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

On the morning of February 26th, 2024, Ballin and Wallace had another domestic dispute at his Hart Lane residence. Wallace spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that she had come to get her W-2 from Ballin. Wallace advised that an argument ensued when she approached the front door. Wallace said that she wanted to step outside to talk, so she grabbed Ballin’s arm, which was when he put his hands around her throat and pushed her down the porch stairs onto the concrete. Officers observed Wallace’s visible injuries, which were consistent with her statement, and then went inside the house to speak with Ballin. Officers were then notified that Ballin had an outstanding warrant. Officers detained and Mirandized Ballin, during which he stated that Wallace tried to get him out of the house and hit him with an extension cord. Then, Ballin admitted to pushing her and was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.

Willalbert Prato Perera charged with 2 counts of aggravated rape

32-year-old Willalbert Prato Perera was taken into custody on December 21st regarding an incident that took place with his girlfriend at the time on October 8th. Officers were advised that she and Perera met with friends at their residence in Davidson County before going to Safari Hookah, where an argument ensued. After getting into her vehicle to leave, Perera began to drive and demanded that she unlock her phone. After observing intimate photos of her with a former partner, Perera drove them to a dark location, where he started striking her in the face and stabbing her leg with a knife. Then, Perera forced her to perform oral sex on him before anally raping her. Perera then drove them back to his friend’s house, and she ran inside, locking the door. Detectives were provided with a recorded phone conversation between her and a witness who stated that she remembered returning home and seeing Perera’s girlfriend with her injuries. The witness added that the knife Perera used was hers and had been missing since that night. Also, the witness told officers that she remembered Perera returning after the assaults. Additionally, officers were given a recording between Perera and his brother, where he stated he provided a sample of his DNA to detectives because he believed the evidence from her anus was gone before a MLE was completed. Officers were also shown texts where Perera apologized to her for the assaults. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of aggravated rape on December 21st.

Berk Arapgirlioglu says he told woman to ‘shut the f*** up’ as he raped her

18-year-old Berk Arapgirlioglu was jailed on April 5th for raping a woman on March 31st in the backseat of his car. The 18-year-old female victim told police that she agreed to go out on a date with Berk, and he picked her up from her home. He took her to multiple places before arriving at a parking lot at Reservoir Park. They fooled around in the back seat of his car, but she told Berk no when he told her he wanted to have sex.

Despite the victim telling him at least twice that she did not want to have sex, he tugged at her pants, trying to pull them down. While he was doing this, she told him no again. He pulled her pants and underwear down and started raping her as she continued to say “No” and “I don’t want to do this.” He held her hands down forcefully and told her to “shut the f*-k up” as she was crying in the midst of it. When Berk was questioned on April 5th, he admitted to police that despite the victim saying “no,” he knew she really wanted to have sex. He also admitted to telling her to “shut the fuck up’ while he raped her.

Keion Smith charged with dragging his girlfriend by the hair, tearing out braids

Police say 24-year-old Keion Smith grabbed the mother of his child, Raven Scuggs, by her hair across the room and pulled out one of her braids. He then began to strike her in the head until she was bloody, according to an arrest warrant. The victim says Keion came home on January 26, heavily intoxicated, and requested the keys to her vehicle. He claimed to have found cigarettes in the vehicle, which he believed meant she was cheating on him. That’s when he re-entered their bedroom and began the assault. Their juvenile child witnessed the assault.

Filipe Domingo Gomez charged in brutal assault of his pregnant girlfriend’s face

A citizen heard Brenda Elena Hernandez Fuentes screaming for help on December 7th and called 911. Officers responded to find Fuentes, who is pregnant, with swollen cheeks, and her face and shirt covered in blood. She stated she and the father of her unborn child, 18-year-old Filipe Domingo Gomez, were in her vehicle when he became upset when he could not locate his phone. He reportedly began striking her in the face repeatedly and then destroyed her cell phone. Officers noted his hands were covered in dried blood.

Jacob Riley charged after drunkenly disturbing neighbors about a barking dog

28-year-old Jacob Riley is charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication after police say he was screaming while banging on his neighbor’s door. Officers found him intoxicated in his yard when they arrived at the scene. Other neighbors witnessed the disturbance, which turned out to be over a barking dog. Riley was deemed too intoxicated to be left alone and was transported to booking.

DUI: Isaiah Carter passes out behind wheel at an intersection with a handgun

Officers responded to the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd & Nolensville Pike in the early hours of Sunday morning. The 23-year-old driver Isaiah Carter and his front seat passenger, Karla Campos, were found unconscious in the white Infinity sedan. Carter was visibly intoxicated and performed poorly on field sobriety tests once he regained consciousness. He admitted to drinking “two beers” earlier in the night. He would later blow a 0.125% BAC on a breathalyzer and was also charged with the handgun he carried in the car.

Lindsay-Ray Millard charged after assaulting husband at an intersection while he was driving

Jonathon Ballard was driving himself and his wife, 34-year-old Lindsay-Ray Christine Millard, home after being out at multiple bars on April 20th, when he says she “lashed out” after being triggered by an event from earlier in the night and violently attacked him at an intersection. Polie documented injuries to include multiple cuts and dried blood on the victim. The investigation also revealed she had an outstanding warrant for violating an active order of protection from sending him an email in February after being served.

Jacob Riley flips kitchen table, comes at boyfriend with dining room chair

Michael Mills says he came home to find his 27-year-old boyfriend, Jacob Riley, heavily intoxicated and the home in disarray. The dining room table had been flipped over, and the living room furniture had been thrown around the room. Riley reportedly then spit in his lover’s face and attempted to attack him with a dining room chair. Officers arrived to find the above, plus dining room chairs thrown about, and Riley among the furniture in the living room.

Nashville Lifestyle Blogger (& DCS Worker) Brianna Soares charged in TWO assaults of her boyfriend after nights out drinking

27-year-old Brianna Soares, better known as ‘Breezzzzyy’ to her thousands of travel & lifestyle followers, and as Family Service Worker Soares to her co-workers at the Department of Children’s Services, was jailed Saturday on a new assault warrant, and an outstanding felony assault warrant, both documenting attacks on her boyfriend, Justin Bennett, leaving him bleeding and injured. In the first assault, she fled before police arrived, leaving her boyfriend bleeding with multiple cuts, bruises, and injuries from strangling him, striking him, and scratching him. Police issued a felony warrant at that time, which she was served with late Saturday when she is once again accused of attempting to grab his neck and assaulting him, both incidents occurred after nights out at local bars.

Soares moved from California to Tennessee during the pandemic, where she now works for the Department of Children’s Services. She recently wrote about her experience on MagnificentWorld. Shortly after we reached out to her for comment on this story pre-publication, she disabled most of her social media platforms and explained stated she would simply have her lawyer make us remove this reporting. We have received no such request at the time of publication.