Jacob Riley charged after drunkenly disturbing neighbors about a barking dog

28-year-old Jacob Riley is charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication after police say he was screaming while banging on his neighbor’s door. Officers found him intoxicated in his yard when they arrived at the scene. Other neighbors witnessed the disturbance, which turned out to be over a barking dog. Riley was deemed too intoxicated to be left alone and was transported to booking.

Jennifer Albrecht forces her way into neighbor’s apartment & assaults her

51-year-old Jennifer Albrecht is charged with felony aggravated burglary after police say she knocked on her downstairs neighbor’s door, forced her way inside, and assaulted the victim, Tyronda Jones. The victim was able to fight back, causing her to retreat to her own apartment. Her glasses were found inside the victim’s apartment, as Jones stated she had “knocked them off her head.”

Jennifer Croy fires gun at neighbors during shared driveway dispute

Shawn Cates and David Carney met with police Saturday evening to report their neighbor, 39-year-old Jennifer Croy, had just fired a gun at them, and they have the incident recorded on video. The argument was about shared driveway space between the three, and they say the disagreement gradually escalated until Jennifer produced a handgun and pointed the gun at each of the victims, and fired a single shot in their direction. Officer met with Croy, who denied ever pointing a gun at either man but stated she did have a handgun in her possession. Officers played the video for Croy, which clearly showed her pointing and firing the gun, and she continued to deny what the video showed.

Nashville Police arrest woman who made 40+ noise complaint calls on neighbor — Zelle Taylor

Metro Nashville Police say they’ve told 51-year-old Zelle Taylor that “general apartment noise” complaints should be handled via the apartment management company, and not the city’s police force. Officer Shaquille Graham documented this advice to Taylor in a February report after she continued to call 862-8600 and 911 to report excessive noise coming from her neighbors. When confronted during that report, she told the officer she would keep calling until the noise issues were resolved… and keep calling, she did.

From May 18th to May 28th, Taylor made 38 more noise complaints to dispatch about the same neighbor, with 33 of those calls coming in via 911, as 862-8600 routinely has hold times in the dozens of minutes. When officers responded on May 28th, they visited the apartment where she said the noise was coming from, once again describing it as the upstairs neighbors fighting, and officers say they found no disturbance. Officer Ronald Conner then took out a warrant for her arrest, charging her with aggravated misuse of 911.

Katelynn Sparks charged with spray painting video doorbell, ripping it from neighbor’s home

19-year-old Katelynn Sparks is charged with two counts of vandalism after she is caught on video twice having a battle with her neighbor’s video doorbell. On January 29th, video shows her exiting a white box truck parked at a home on Hutson Avenue, where she lives with her mother, approaching the doorbell with a can of spray paint, then covering the lens with red/pink paint. On February 12th, she jumps the fence and comes onto her neighbor’s property again, walks up to the video doorbell, and rips it off the home, destroying it.

Teen charged with robbing his neighbors, using his own ID to pawn electronics — T’Shawn Palton

19-year-old T’Shawn Palton faces felony aggravated burglary and felony theft charges after his neighbors at the apartment directly above him reported their 65″ television, Macbook, and white Xbox One were missing when they came home. After detectives ran one of the serial numbers it came back as being pawned by Palton, and when detectives notices his address was directly below the victim’s, they knew they had their man. teenager. child. dumb criminal. Palton admits to pawning the Xbox but denied any other involvement.

Man assaults East Nashville neighbor with shovel and dirt — Jackie Cook, 68, arrested.

68-year-old Jackie Cook was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on two outstanding warrants for events that occurred in March. Cook was in a dispute with his neighbor, William “Bill” Crump. Their properties share rear alley access between the two. Crump was reportedly upset that Cook was shoveling dirt onto the alleyway, which Crump alleges is part of his property, and property maps appear to confirm. Cook realized their interaction was being recorded and became upset, using his shovel to knock a cell phone out of Crump’s hand. Cook then drew his shovel back as if he were about to strike Crump, and advanced toward him. Video shows this and an additional attempt to strike Crump with the shovel.

Two weeks later, Cook was again shoveling dirt onto the alleyway, and as Crump attempted to remove the dirt, Cook shoveled two scoops of dirt onto Crump, which was also captured on video. Cook is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the first incident, and simple assault for the second. He is free on a $6,000 bond.

Bellevue man chambers a round & threatens to kill neighbors over trash in his yard

22-year-old Jacob ‘Jake’ Northcott is free on a $25,000 bond after police say he confronted multiple neighbors about someone throwing trash in his yard. When both neighbors advised him to leave their property, he retreated across the street, where he brandished a handgun, chambered a round, yelled “I will kill you!”.

New STRP Permits Approved Week of 08/11

Here are the newly approved STRP Permits for the previous week (8/4-8/10), for East Nashville – districts 5, 6, 7, & 8. Interactive map below, along with max occupancy per address. Type Address ZIP Applicant Contact Max Occ TYPE 1 (OO) 717 S 12TH ST 37206 Warren Ebanks 10 TYPE 1 (OO) 1722  WELCOME LN 37216 CHANG, TING 8 TYPE 1 (OO) 1409A  MERIDIAN ST 37207 Jared Smith 10 TYPE 1 (OO) 1312  GREENWOOD AVE 37206 Brandon Patty 10 TYPE 2 (NOO) 2325  SHADOW LN 37216 Knoble, David G. 10…

5 Points Mural: Time for Change

It’s time to say goodbye to an East Nashville icon – one that has been the backdrop of thousands of photos over the past decade. The mural on the side of what is currently East Side Cycles will become a new hipster mural, the project starting on June 23rd. According to Bob of Bongo World, the project has been in the works for quite some time, and is finally being realized: Bob told the neighborhood “I want the neighborhood to know that we will soon be changing a mural that…