Dude, where’s my AirBNB? — Conner Brown deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville

Police responded to Tennessee Ave after neighbors reported what appeared to be a man breaking into vehicles. What they found was 26-year-old Conner Brown on a front porch, heavily intoxicated, and lost. Brown relayed he had been out drinking on Broadway in downtown Nashville and was attempting to locate his AirBNB. He didn’t know anyone’s phone number to call assist him and had lost his phone. Multiple neighbors had called to report he was yelling and screaming and cursing in the yards of the neighborhood. He had knocked so loudly on the front door of the porch he ended up on that the reside hid in the closet from fear.

Retired California Cop charged with assaulting two of his children in Nashville — Ron Epp arrested

Newly retired 55-year-old police officer Ronald Epp was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Wednesday morning, where he was placed on a 12-hour domestic violence hold, charged with the assault of two of his children. The family was staying at an AirBNB in Nashville and had been out enjoying downtown Nashville. As they were preparing to leave downtown his daughter, Peyton Epp, attempted to stop her father from driving, due to his high level of intoxication. He reportedly grabbed her and pulled her from the vehicle, and then twisted her wrist for an extended period of time, as confirmed by the other family members.

In addition to this assault, while in the backyard of the AirBNB, the father slapped and shoved one of his sons, Dawson Epp, during an outburst. Ronald Epp was charged with domestic assault with bodily injury, and domestic assault Prov/Offensive contact. He is free on a $3,500 cash bond.

AirBNB Guests Arrested for Stealing Neighbor’s Eggo Waffles & Cheez-Its. #Felonies #AggBurglary

In town for a bachelor party, AirBNB guests burglarize the house next door – for Eggo Waffles & Cheez-Its. Each was arrested on aggravated burglary charges and are free on bond.

MNPD Chief Anderson Weighs In on STRP Vote to City Council Members: His Officers Aren’t Babysitters

Late Friday afternoon, MNPD Chief Steve Anderson sent the email below to every member of the Nashville Metro Council, in regards to the current STRP debate and the upcoming votes in the council. We were rather fond of this reminder from the Chief – reminding folks (Like Brett Withers) that they can’t call the police because someone has a blow up doll in the window of their AirBNB: “It is often assumed that police officers have the authority to order persons to comply with the law or with good behavior. …

Michael Tran Uses East Nashville AirBNB to receive 6 Pounds of Marijuana [ARREST]

This past Thursday, January 4th, MNPD arrested Michael Tran (San Diego, CA address) for receiving 6 pounds of high grade marijuana at an East Nashville AirBNB he was renting. Detectives with the MNPD Major Case Task Force were working in conjunction with Detectives with the Franklin Police Department on an ongoing investigation involving the Defendant. On January 3 the Defendant traveled into East Nashville, from San Diego California. Michael Tran went to the AirBNB he had rented at 1007B N. 14th St in East Nashville. The next day, on January…

STRP: Michael Ton had 20lbs of High Grade Weed Shipped to Nashville AirBNB

In reviewing some of the AirBNB related crimes for the past quarter, we came upon Michael Ton – who had 20lbs of high grade marijuana shipped to a Nashville AirBNB – receiving half from USPS, and half from Fedex. In mid-september, MNPD Officers observed a Lexus LS400  traveling inbound on Ellington Pkwy near Douglas Ave. A records check of the vehicle’s TN tag indicated the tag was registered to a 2006 Dodge Caravan. A traffic stop was initiated on Ellington Pkwy at Cleveland St. Officers report that the driver, Michael…

AirBNB Host says “That’s Just How Black People Act” – Awakens AirBNB Guest at Gunpoint for Trashing Property

In mid-November, David Criswell had an AirBNB guest stay that didn’t go well. In fact, before it was all said and done, he entered the currently rented unit with a gun drawn, and removed the AirBNB guest – after someone told him there was “shadiness” going on at the AirBNB. According to the AirBNB guest, the host “awoke him at gunpoint”. According to Criswell, it all start with a reservation from a lady ‘Dee’ – who would turn out to be renting the AirBNB for her son, Solomon, thought it…

Illegal STRP Shut Down: 308 Scott Ave | Cason Cooley

on 08/09, Metro Codes won a successful injunction against an illegally operating STRP (Short Term Rental Property) located at 308 Scott Ave in East Nashville. This originated with an emailed complaint to metro codes on 07/03/17. The judgment includes a $50 fine, and a 3 year injunction from applying for a STRP permit. Permit Summary Permit Number CASR T2017044863 Type Residential Short Term Rental / Short Term Rental – Owner Occupied Status Cancelled Scope of Work 7/12/17-DGL-Appleal case 2017-203 withdrawn by applicant. By making this application for a Residential Short Term…