4 Arrested in 3rd Floor Balcony Alcohol Burglary

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Late Friday evening, MNPD officers responded to burglary in progress on 9th Circle South. The victim stated that several people staying in the home next door, which has a short-term rental permit, had broken into her home, which is connected, and reachable via a 3rd floor balcony. She says that 4 men broken in and stole liquor from her home.

The four men were: Devin Blann, 32, of Glendale, AZ; Colin Fowler, 32, of Mountain View, CA; Tim Head, 32, of San Carlos, CA; and Nima Ossareh, 32, of Bethesda, MD. All were staying in the connecting home next door, which has a short term rental permit approved for James Head, and it is classified as owner-occupied. There was a fifth man in the party detained for questioning, but it was determined he never made entry into the victim’s residence.

The 3rd floor balcony between the two residences is separated by a small barrier, which the four crossed to gain entry into the victim’s home. An officer was able to review camera footage which showed the burglary happen, and as he was broadcasting a description of the suspects over the air, another officer saw the group of men on the 3rd floor of the connecting house, matching the descriptions. They all came down to speak to officers, and admitted to breaking into the home. Devin Blann also admitted to taking a $50 bottle of Scotch Whiskey from the victim’s home.

All four were charged with felony aggravated burglary, booked into jail, and each posted a $2,000 bond. They will appear in court on 08/10/18.

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