DUI: Nashville lawyer crashes car in front of officer; admits to “a couple of beers”, trips over own feet – Seamus Kelly

39-year-old attorney Seamus Timothy Kelly was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Friday morning after a VUPD Officer says he admitted drinking “a couple of beers” before making a left turn into another vehicle and crashing as the officer watched from the stop-light of the same intersection.

Drunk man spits at wife, cracks her windshield, when she shows up at bar to take him home

Police say Caleb Roberts, of Greenbrier, was “irate” when his wife showed up at Tailgate Brewery Music Row because she believed him to be too intoxicated to drive. Appalled she would show up and tell him what to do, video shows him spitting at his wife, cracking her windshield with a beer bottle, then grabbing onto her in an effort to take her phone.

Katie Layne Quackenbush: Shameless Self-Promotion During Wave of Media Frenzy of Her Shooting A Homeless Man

On Wednesday (09/13) Katie Layne Quackenbush took every advantage of the international media hype surrounding her arrest for shooting a homeless man in Nasvhille, TN near Music Row. On Wednesday, Quackenbush took the time to upload a music video to one of her channels, and it gained nearly 90,000 views in the first 18 hours. She added: MEDIA LIES- SO MANY FACTS ABOUT THE CASE NOT BEING SHOWN ON MEDIA. INSTEAD OF JUDGING HOW ABOUT YOU LOOK INTO MORE INFORMATION. IM NOT A BAD PERSON. She then linked to several…

*NSFW* Katie Layne Quackenbush Modeling Photos & More *NSFW*

*NSFW* Katie Layne Quackenbush Modeling Photos & More *NSFW* Many have asked us to publish some of Quackenbush’s modeling photos, so here they are. This is from a time period when she went by the stripper/model name of ‘Bubbles’ NEW: *NSFW* Shooter Katie Layne Quackenbush – Ex Stripper/Dancer ‘Presley’, $800 Escort in Nashville – CONFIRMED See Previous Coverage: Katie Layne Quackenbush: What You Won’t See On The News about the Stripper that Shot a Homeless Man & Drove Away in her Porsche SUV                …

Katie Layne Quackenbush: What You Won’t See On The News about the Stripper that Shot a Homeless Man & Drove Away in her Porsche SUV

Meet Katie Layne Quackenbush. Have you been hearing things about the white Porsche-SUV driving stripper that shot a man near music row in Nashville, and has been charged with Attempted Murder? Here’s what you won’t see on the local news stations about this Nashville Stripper. She was a stripper in Denver (where she lived between Texas & Tennessee) at La Boheme Gentlemen’s Cabaret where she and then boyfriend (kind of reddit famous as the cross-dressing prince of /r/opieandanthony) moved into a boiler-room basement as an apartment. Her then boyfriend says that he and his…