The Dog Spot testifies “never strictly separated large dogs from small dogs in play areas” – Must pay $5,924 in dog’s death lawsuit

The Dog Spot is ordered to pay $5,924.00 in a lawsuit over the death of a dog in it’s care. In testimony, Chad Baker admitted it was never the practice to separate dogs by size in play areas, despite the claim on their website – which he says he copied and pasted from other websites, without reading the details.

Mayoral candidate Jeff Napier can’t pay $850 Flex loan, wants to manage $2.2 billion city budget

Nashville Mayoral candidate Jeffrey Napier was named in a civil lawsuit on May 8th, and a civil warrant was signed on May 9th for him to appear in court. He is being sued by Advance Financial for a Flex loan that was never repaid, for $851.98, plus $283.99 in attorney’s fees, for a total of $1,135.97 + fees. As a reminder, the budget for the city of Nashville, for which the Mayor is responsible, is just over $2.2 Billion. Napier was reached by phone late Friday evening, and was not…