Lawsuit says Jack Zuckowsky kept tens of thousands of dollars in bitcoin that wasn’t his

In a newly filed lawsuit in Nashville, New York resident Devin Zhou says he sent nearly 1.3 BTC (Bitcoin) to the wrong Bitcoin wallet in October of 2020. Instead of the intended recipient, Zhou says he accidentally sent the equivalent of around $27,000 (at the current value) to Nashvillian & founder of ghost company “Social Summit” Jack Zuckowsky by selecting the last person he had sent money from his ‘recent’ transactions instead of inputting the wallet address of the intended recipient. In addition to the value of the bitcoin, he is being sued for an additional $15,000 related to not returning the money. The lawsuit alleges he voluntarily returned a fraction of the money after prior requests were made to him.

#Lawsuit: Man says employer wanted to ‘climb Jason Momoa like a tree’ & he should ‘find his f-ckability’

Christian Ethicist Ryan Huber is suing his former employer Compass real estate, alleging he was sexually harassed and discriminated against for his religion. Graphic details include allegations a female supervisor talked about how she would “climb Jason Momoa like a tree”, and explained how she dated rich guys to get nice things, and he should find his own method that works for him. He doesn’t believe in sex outside of marriage.

Nashville’s “Vacations4You” sues customer over a bad review, asks judge to make her stop calling them a scam

If enough people call something a scam, it’s probably a scam. Nashville company ‘Vacations4You, owned by Greg Minor of Mt. Juliet, filed a lawsuit today asking a judge to issue an injunction on the speech of a customer who gave them a bad review, and called them a “scam”. They’re asking for the judge to order their customer to stop giving them bad reviews… of which they have dozens from other unhappy clients. The company’s own reputation is so shady that the first ‘FAQ’ on the website has to explain “We are not a scam”.

Scoop Media files suit against Montgomery County’s redaction of public records

Scoop Media Group has filed suit in Chancery Court against Montgomery County, Tennessee, for denial of access to public records. In January, the local Court Clerk began redacting details from public arrest affidavits. The denials began after a phone call from the County’s Public Information Officer, Michelle Newell, who told Scoop that she did not agree with how Scoop published public records, and would be seeking legislation to prevent future publication, and would restrict access going forward.