Report of a “male with a pipe bomb” abruptly ends Katt Williams show in Nashville

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Municipal Auditorium late Saturday night and evacuated the building where Katt Williams was performing after someone reported a male was in possession of a pipe bomb inside the venue. Attendees were not told why they were being evacuated to avoid a possible panic, according to a statement from the venue. The report came in via a crisis line, who then relayed the threat to Metro Nashville’s Emergency Communications Center. The building was cleared without issue, and everyone is safe.

Scoop Media files suit against Montgomery County’s redaction of public records

Scoop Media Group has filed suit in Chancery Court against Montgomery County, Tennessee, for denial of access to public records. In January, the local Court Clerk began redacting details from public arrest affidavits. The denials began after a phone call from the County’s Public Information Officer, Michelle Newell, who told Scoop that she did not agree with how Scoop published public records, and would be seeking legislation to prevent future publication, and would restrict access going forward.

He smacked her butt, “as if he we was playing the drums”, victim says. #Arrested

Anthony Ryan Rick Urban, 32, is now charged with sexual battery (no consent), after he allegedly smacked a co-worker on her butt, “as if he was playing the drums” , according to an arrest report. 

Clint Osborn Murdered Dr. Alan Edwards, stuffed body in container in basement of East Nashville Home

East Precinct detectives this morning are charging Clint Osborn, 28, with criminal homicide for what appears to be the brutal stabbing death of his housemate, Alan Edwards, 61, inside Edwards’ 2611 Barclay Drive home. Friends of Edwards went to check on him after receiving strange texts. When they went to his Barclay Drive home, Osborne answered the door and let them inside. Police said they found Edwards’ bed stripped of its sheets and a female friend of Osborn in the home. It turns out that Osborne had sent the strange messages on…

1 year-old girl dead after being left in vehicle buckled in car seat all day in #EastNashville

BREAKING: 1-year-old girl dies after being left in a car seat all day in a pickup truck parked at the family’s East Nashville home. Adoptive father reportedly forgot about the child after dropping off her sibling at daycare. The adoptive mother found the girl at their Virginia Ave home this evening. She was pronounced deceased upon arrival at Vanderbilt Hospital. Investigation will continue through the night. This is a developing story, we will have more updates as they become available.

Ladies, it’s official! WKRN’s Neil Orne signed marital dissolution agreement after 14 months.

After a fourteen-month protracted battle, it’s official. WKRN’s Neil Orne and his current wife finally both came to an agreement on terms and signed their marital dissolution agreement on Wednesday, and it was filed with the court on Thursday, it will quickly be combined into the final divorce decree and Neil Orne will be a divorced man. In the terms of the agreement: Wife is granted divorce from husband, on the ground of irreconcilable differences. (The amended complaint filed also cited ‘inappropriate marital conduct’, however that is since removed from…

SCOOP: WKRN’s Neil Orne’s Wife Files for Divorce. He locks her out, cancels insurance, despite judge’s orders – per court docs.

WKRN’s Neil Orne married his ex-colleague, Karen Higbee, back in 2014 – and the city was abuzz. It would seem that the honeymoon period didn’t last long, though. They couple would separate on March 8th of 2017, and his wife would file for divorce on March 28th, 2017. Karen Higbee Orne filed an amended complaint in May of 2017, and Neil hired a lawyer in August, and in the six months since the case was filed has been rather dormant… until now. Neil is 51, his wife who filed for…

Hermitage Gorilla Warfare Fitness Owner in Jail after SWAT Standoff

On New Years Eve, Preston David Perry, the owner of Gorilla Warfare Fitness in Hermitage was taken into custody in Wilson County, after a standoff with SWAT. Preston was arrested in November on a Domestic Assault charge, and was out of jail until court. A warrant was issued for his arrest due to violating the conditions of that release, and it was served tonight at his Mt. Juliet address. When the warrant was being served, Perry initially barricaded himself inside the apartment home for an hour. SWAT was on the…

ARREST: Jevon ‘Izzy’ Ransom Assaults G/F, Slams Head Into Sofa, Punches Her

On Thursday 10/28, Officers responded to a domestic call, of which Jevon ‘Izzy’ Ransom (24) was ruled as the aggressor and arrested for for assault against his girlfriend. According to a MNPD report, Jevon and his girlfriend were arguing because he had been speaking to a girl that lives upstairs. Per the victim and a witness, when they came into the apartment he refused to let her leave, slammed her head into a sofa, and then punched her in the head. The victim fell to the ground and was eventually…

ARREST: Bradford Gardner – Holds Gun to Back of Ex’s Head “If You Don’t Stop Screaming, I’ll Shoot You”

Bradford Jo Gardner is currently in custody of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department on an $11,000 bond. According to police affidavits, Gardner was hanging out with his ex girlfriend at a friend’s house, where they had been for a couple of days at that time. His ex-girlfriend left to go to work, and later returned to the friend’s home, and began arguing with Gardner, as she did not wish to physically be around his friend, nor talk to him. In short order, Gardner turned the argument physical. Gardner grabbed her…