SCOOP: WKRN’s Neil Orne’s Wife Files for Divorce. He locks her out, cancels insurance, despite judge’s orders – per court docs.

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WKRN’s Neil Orne married his ex-colleague, Karen Higbee, back in 2014 – and the city was abuzz. It would seem that the honeymoon period didn’t last long, though. They couple would separate on March 8th of 2017, and his wife would file for divorce on March 28th, 2017. Karen Higbee Orne filed an amended complaint in May of 2017, and Neil hired a lawyer in August, and in the six months since the case was filed has been rather dormant… until now.

Neil is 51, his wife who filed for divorce, is 34. His wife alleges “Irreconcilable Differences” & “Inappropriate Marital Conduct”, in the amended divorce complaint. She states that he has been guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct toward her, that cohabitation was be “unsafe & improper”, according to the pleading filed with the court, and seen below.

In addition, the 34 year old wife notes the “large disparity” in their individual incomes, and states she is in need of alimony, including transitional alimony, in order to meet her obligations and expenses following the divorce. In the suit, she also asks for Neil Orne to be responsible for both of any joint outstanding debts in the marriage. She also wants half of everything else. In addition to all the above, Karen Higbee Orne also states that Neil should continue to contribute to their joint bank account so that she can “maintain the statue quo”, including her living expenses and debts, as she is unable to meet her monthly financial obligations alone.

When the divorce was filed, an injunction was put into place by the judge that prevented any changes in insurance, and to maintain the current standard of living.  In February of 2018, His wife, Karen Higbee Orne, discovered that Neil Orne had removed her as a named party from the homeowner’s insurance, even though her belongings are still located in the marital home, and against the statutory order.

His wife also states that Neil Orne has dropped her from his insurance, in violation of the restraining order from the judge, as she recently discovered when her Dental Office advised her that her coverage was no longer effective.

According to his wife, Neil has also stopped contributing to the joint account, instead depositing his paychecks into his own private account, instead of contributing to her living needs.

Finally, his wife states that Neil Orne has recently change the locks on the marital home, denying her access to seasonal clothing, furnishings, and the ability to “periodically inspect the premises”.

Neil Orne’s first wife, Heather Orne, was his co-anchor on the news with him. His second Wife, Karen Higbee, was a producer at the station. Here’s the amended divorce complaint from his current wife:

The parties are currently waiting on a new court date for a hearing, as it has already been continued twice.



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