WKRN Anchor Bob Mueller celebrates “Assault Weapon Golf” then apologizes for image

In a now-deleted tweet, WKRN news anchor Bob Mueller earlier today boasted about participating in “assault weapon golf” at Montgomery Bell State Park just weeks after the Covenant school shooting in Nashville. The image shows Muller with “Waylon, Will, and Sarah” and described the outing as a “fun day.” According to Mueller, “The gun shot a golf ball down the fairway.” He later apologized, stating it was a “mistake on my part” and that he’s “usually more attuned.” Mueller further explained, “All of it was a mistake. This was a booth set up by the tournament to raise money for charity. You paid $100 to charity to shoot the golf ball down the fairway to get it close to the hole. It was a fundraiser. I made a mistake posting the photo.”

Readers quickly shared their opinions on the tweet. Neil Kornutick posted “Personally just don’t think we should normalize guns like this.” Jeremy Rogers re-tweeted with the comment: “In a city that is still coming to terms with the Covenant shooting and failed special sessions… We have WKRN’s very own posting this? What even is AW Golf?” Cheryl Wright, who says she has been a friend of Bob’s for over thirty years, opined, “What is the meaning of this?” Why would you post a photo and a message that seem to associate a beloved sport with a weapon designed to kill people?” Ashford Hughes, Sr., had one of the final comments before the tweet was deleted: “The logic and necessity of this troubles my mind.”

For 25 years, Bob has hosted his own golf tournament. The Bob Mueller M.S. Celebrity Challenge has raised over $1,500,000 to fight M.S. Bob has also been a member of the Nashville Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Board of Trust for the past 20 years.

Power Poll CEO Bruce Dobie unable to pay employees; refused to let female attend meetings, citing ‘good old boys club’ — per lawsuit

Bruce Dobie, the sole member and creator of Power Poll, LLC, is being sued in Davidson County Chancery Court by a former employee who says the Nashville entrepreneur hired her with a quarter-million-dollar yearly salary and then abruptly fired her and others a few months later after he could no longer make payroll. Her job was to grow the company as Chief Operating/Chief Revenue Officer, however, she says Dobie would not allow her to attend meetings with potential investors because she was a woman and “Nashville is a good ole boys club” where “women are not usually allowed”, according to a quoted statement in the complaint. Despite repeated complaints about sexual discrimination, she says Dobie never addressed the issue.

Her employment contract states she’s entitled to a full twelve-month severance package, but she says Dobie won’t — or can’t — pay up.

Near-naked man fondling genitals in Club-Hotel hallways says he was with two women – officers found empty rooms.

Metro Police found 39-year-old Terrance Carter wearing only boxers and fondling his genitals with both hands at the Club-Hotel Nashville Tuesday evening, where he told a “bizarre and winding story about having two separate women he was with at the hotel”. Hotel staff reports he had been walking the hallways while nearly naked for several hours.

WKRN’s Danielle Breezy has hot mic moment; reveals feelings on Channel 5’s weather team & their worth

A hot mic moment caught WKRN’s Danielle Breezy commenting on Channel 5’s Leland Satom & Bree Smith, including “I don’t think Bree’s that expensive, but I don’t think she’s cheap…. a buck fifty if I had to guess, maybe a little less”.. and the possibility of Nikki-Dee Ray replacing a local meteorologist.

Ladies, it’s official! WKRN’s Neil Orne signed marital dissolution agreement after 14 months.

After a fourteen-month protracted battle, it’s official. WKRN’s Neil Orne and his current wife finally both came to an agreement on terms and signed their marital dissolution agreement on Wednesday, and it was filed with the court on Thursday, it will quickly be combined into the final divorce decree and Neil Orne will be a divorced man. In the terms of the agreement: Wife is granted divorce from husband, on the ground of irreconcilable differences. (The amended complaint filed also cited ‘inappropriate marital conduct’, however that is since removed from…

SCOOP: WKRN’s Neil Orne’s Wife Files for Divorce. He locks her out, cancels insurance, despite judge’s orders – per court docs.

WKRN’s Neil Orne married his ex-colleague, Karen Higbee, back in 2014 – and the city was abuzz. It would seem that the honeymoon period didn’t last long, though. They couple would separate on March 8th of 2017, and his wife would file for divorce on March 28th, 2017. Karen Higbee Orne filed an amended complaint in May of 2017, and Neil hired a lawyer in August, and in the six months since the case was filed has been rather dormant… until now. Neil is 51, his wife who filed for…

East Nashville Speed Challenge(r) Arrested: Alexander Frazier “I’m Driving; I Got Road Rage”

Earlier this week, we showed you video of a Dodge Challenger speeding through a stop sign on Montgomery Ave in East Nashville. Late Friday evening the driver, Alexander Frazier (age 22), was arrested and charged with Agg Assault w/Deadly Weapon after a WKRN news crew was filming at the intersection when he drove by several times, speeding and once again not stopping, and intimidating the news crew and neighbors. Frazier is currently being held on a $90,000 bond in Davidson County. UPDATE 06/30/2017 3PM: ALERT: Alexander Frazier (Speed Challenger) Released From…

Nashville Firefighter Tim Lankford Pulled From Field & on Administrative Duty While Investigation Continues

Via WKRN & The Tennessean,  Nashville Firefighter Tim Lankford has been pulled from the field and placed on administrative duty, reports Deputy Chief Steve Holt. Lankford has been an EMS District Chief since 1987. The letter states that the posts were perceived as “racial, stereotypical, and threatening toward members of the public.” This all stems from social media posts that we first reported in May. You may remember some of his posts that reflected badly on transgender rights, on Muslims, evolution, even threatening bodily harm in some instances, such as a…