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Via WKRN & The Tennessean,  Nashville Firefighter Tim Lankford has been pulled from the field and placed on administrative duty, reports Deputy Chief Steve Holt. Lankford has been an EMS District Chief since 1987. The letter states that the posts were perceived as “racial, stereotypical, and threatening toward members of the public.” This all stems from social media posts that we first reported in May. You may remember some of his posts that reflected badly on transgender rights, on Muslims, evolution, even threatening bodily harm in some instances, such as a transgender person that happen to be in the restroom legally at the same time as his daughter. One post even said he was so upset that Gays had the right to marry, he could barely function at his job.

While we first published these posts back in May (2016), We have sought an update from both city council members and Nashville Fire Department management for quite some time, but were not provided any new information time and time again. Tonight, via WKRN, we have learned that Tim Lankford has been removed from the field, and is ‘administrative duty’ while under investigation.

Here are some of the posts that resulted in Lankford’s removal from the field, and our complete coverage of the Nashville Fire Department posts – Lankford was just one of many – we do not have updates on the others below, despite multiple attempts for updated from the Nashville Fire Department.

From WKRN:

tim transgenders no surgery dist ems chief

so distrubed cant function at job tim lankford

kim davis tim lankford

gay supreme court ruling comments tim lankford

tim wont shop with muslims

tim wasting time

tim trump 95

tim doesnt beleive in evolution

tim all muslim poll obama

tim lankford ems chief fb job title

Below are the posts where we have previously attempted to get information both from city council members, and the Nashville Fire Department, with no success:

brett may 31

mark young june 1

rick white june 9

brian haas july 12

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