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UPDATE: See recent updates on the Tim Lankford Social Media Nightmare… and more local media coverage here.

In our 5th installment, Nashville Fire Department District EMS Chief, Tim Lankford, doesn’t even attempt to hide his views of the LGBT Community – including those that serve under him in the Nashville Fire Department in various roles. Since our first post on him last week he has since removed his job title from his Facebook account, but his hateful posts remain. According to publicly available records, Tim Lankford is employed by the city of Nashville, with a salary of $82,336.10 per year, and holds the official job title of ‘Fire District Chief’. Lankford is the 3rd highest paid ‘Fire District Chief’ in the department, whose salaries range from 69K to 84K per year. Catch up with our initial report on Tim Lankford and others causing a social media meltdown within the department, the Union’s response, NFD taking selfies at scenes, and most recently, Nashville Firemen stripping at an intersection with a drag queen, backing up traffic in East Nashville. We have several more installments that we will release in the coming days.

Lankford works for the City of Nashville, and on the day when the City of Nashville lit up it’s own city hall, bridges, and various other downtown areas in huge bright rainbows to celebrate the Supreme court ruling on Gay Marriage – giving equal marriage rights to all across the land, Tim Lankford posted publicly, with ‘District Chief’ as his job title proudly showing, that he was barely able to even function at his job. There are hundreds of LGBT employees that work for the City of Nashville – and we’re betting there are probably a few that fall under the supervision of Tim Lankford as a District Chief – yet he is so upset over their ability to get married that he can barely function at his city provided job? Here’s the quote he posted online, in a group called ‘Old Fashioned Missionary Baptist‘ which is open to the public:

so distrubed cant function at job tim lankford

I am so disturbed about the Supreme Court ruling today I can barely even function at my job. What has this country become. I have said for quite awhile this country will be responsible for its own demise, not by an outside extremist. We are destroying ourselves from within. Christians are now experiencing censorship and are left with the feeling that they cannot even voice their own beliefs. However anybody with a liberal mindset can say and do as they please and it is supported by our government .If the Rapture happens tomorrow no one can be surprised.”

His Job title at the time, proudly displayed on his social media accounts:

tim lankford ems chief fb job title

A few months later, in the same group, he posted about the Kentucky clerk who was refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay individuals – asking for people to support her, and pray for her:

kim davis tim lankford

So the real question becomes – if he can ‘barely even function’ at his city job – how can those under him trust his judgement, especially those LGBT employees working under him. Do you think they have a working environment that is free from judgement and/or harassment? Do you believe decisions involving them have been made fairly? We’ve reached out to some of those very individuals, and will have an answer in an upcoming story.

Why does he still hold the job? We’ll be asking the civil service commission and the Mayor’s office that very question – since supreme court decisions seem to hamper his ability to function at it in full capacity.

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