Woman Claims She Was Roofied At Five Spot East Nashville’s Motown Monday

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Dot Hejny says she was roofied at The 5 Spot East Nashville, on Monday 10/23.

In a post she made to a local Facebook group, Hejny says this last Monday, during the Motown Monday event at The 5 Spot. Here’s her post to the East Nashville Facebook group describing what happened:

Hey, just a friendly PSA for those of you who feel comfortable going out dancing and leaving your drinks unattended, if only for a minute, (no judgement, I got too comfortable myself): this last Monday I was roofied at Motown Monday over at the five spot. I don’t know who did it, I don’t want to think about why. I’m thankful it was me, not because Ive been dealing with a five day hangover and puking my guts out, but I had someone who was watching out for me that night and made sure I got home safe, I’m glad that I did, and I hope that whoever it was didn’t get anyone else who went there by themselves and might not have had my same luck.
So ladies, and gentlemen, please please please don’t leave your drinks unattended, even if it’s just for a minute to pick up glass off the dance floor, because shit like this isn’t just a scary story your mom told you to keep you from having fun, it is very much so real and sucks. A whole lot. Be safe.

The co-owner of The 5 Spot notes this isn’t the first allegation of this happening, and offers to go through security footage to help.


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