Clarksville bar loses liquor license for 6 months after violating executive orders amid pandemic

Tarboosh Hookah Bar in downtown Clarksville has agreed to a six-month suspension of its liquor license, after the TABC (TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission) filed suit, alleging violations of multiple executive orders, refusing to provide records to the TABC, failing to keep records of purchases and sales of liquor, and overall posing a risk to public safety.

Woodbine icon Dairy King that survived 2010 flood becomes a COVID-19 casualty

Dairy King’s owner is hopeful for a buyer to keep the “icon of Woodbine” alive. Jeff and Carolyn Jones announced via Facebook that Dairy King on East Thompson Lane will close operations on August 3rd. The 50-year-old business has suffered since COVID-19 disrupted life in March.

Bellevue’s {Pub}licity Gastropub Closing Amid Debt, Lawsuits, & $14 Sausage Biscuits

Facing massive debt, and the 3rd eviction lawsuit in less than a year, Bellevue gastropub ‘Publicity’ will finally be closing it’s doors after brunch on Sunday. Perhaps Bellevue just wasn’t ready for $11 fried pimento cheese, a $15 burger, or a sausage biscuit with a sunny-side up egg for $14.

Woman Claims She Was Roofied At Five Spot East Nashville’s Motown Monday

Dot Hejny says she was roofied at The 5 Spot East Nashville, on Monday 10/23. In a post she made to a local Facebook group, Hejny says this last Monday, during the Motown Monday event at The 5 Spot. Here’s her post to the East Nashville Facebook group describing what happened: Hey, just a friendly PSA for those of you who feel comfortable going out dancing and leaving your drinks unattended, if only for a minute, (no judgement, I got too comfortable myself): this last Monday I was roofied at…

Hop Stop Goes Greedy w/Paid Parking & Owner Jesse Hamilton Files for Divorce (again)

If your beer isn’t selling, perhaps you have to resort to selling the only other thing of value you have – parking spaces. As of Friday, we noticed that The Hop Stop is now charging for parking: $2 PER HOUR, OR $8/ALL NIGHT. And that isn’t going over well for the customer or the neighborly businesses who share the lot that Hop Stop owns. In fact, part of the lot is used with agreement by Mickey’s Tavern next door. Mickey’s recently even offered to make needed repairs to the gravel…

Frisky Frog’s Nashville: Assumes Gay Customer’s Gender, Causes Bathroom Blunder

In mid-May, a customer reported on social media they were followed into a restroom by an employee at Frisky Frog’s Nashville, located on Demonbreun St, because they had a hat on backwards, and the bartender was unable to confirm the gender identity of the customer. According the customer, the bartender actually followed her into the restroom in an attempt to confirm her gender identity. ALSO: See Frisky Frog’s Nashville – Fake Reviews! Frisky Frog’s Nashville has not responded to repeated requests for comment. The customers, Bridgett Hardville (known by her professional…

Charlie Bob’s – Closing April 30

As we previously reported in Goodbye Charlie Bob’s, it was only a matter of time, and that time has come. April 30th will be the last operating day for Charlie Bob’s, as announced today on their social media. As we previously reported: Three days before Christmas, the Chas Hawkins Co, Inc. quietly put one of it’s most expensive listings on the market, to date – the property that Historic Charlie Bob’s is currently leasing. That’s right, the property that houses Charlie Bob’s is now officially on the market – but it’s…

[HACKED?] Postmates: Customer Data for Sale on the DarkWeb?

Postmates recently relocated a lot of job of their jobs to the Nashville downtown area, as they’ve open up a corporate support office in our great city (with 11 spots still open!). Unfortunately,  we have recently discovered that Postmates Customer data is being advertised for sale on the Darkweb. This includes all account details needed to login ass a customer, and since the majority of customer’s accounts have credit cards attached to them server side, that is all you need to facilitate ordering without knowing or ever seeing the credit…

Justin Bieber Topples Jenga Tower at Dino’s [Video]

As we told you about previously, Justin Bieber spent some time here in East Nashville after his concert this week at Dinos here in East Nasvhille. Here’s video of Justin toppling the Jenga tower – his preferred game now that he’s taking a month away from alcohol. Some additional info from previous post on Perez Hilton, too! Video originally from Instagram:DinosNashville.

Justin Bieber on a Month Long Alcohol Break – Plays Jenga at Dino’s Instead!

After his concert last night downtown, the Justin Bieber crossed the river to our side of town, and decided to play some Jenga at our favortie (now former?) dive bar – Dino’s! According to locals, he was offered shots of liquor but declined, saying he was taking a month long break from alcohol. Other party favors were apparently not on the list of things he was taking a break from. Here’s some shots of the Biebs from last night – who also trekked to Melrose Billiards on Franklin Pk, but…