Corner Pub Downtown scores 68 on health inspection; 30 pounds food embargoed

The Corner Pub Downtown on 5th Ave North scored a 68 on a health inspection Monday afternoon. The inspector’s report says the manager did not display any basic food knowledge about hot/cold holding or cooking temperatures. Chicken was undercooked at 148 F on the grill, cooked rice and sour cream were in a cooler at 48 F, and cole slaw at 58 F. In a prep cooler in the bar area, sour cream was at 57 F, coleslaw at 58 F, cantaloupe at 58 F, and various other food items held well above the proper temperatures. In total, 30 pounds of food was embargoed during the visit. The inspector was unable to locate any working thermometer in coolers, food was stored on the ground in coolers, and no hand sinks had the proper supplies.

Seafood Sensation scores 61, was cooking food in home kitchen, using bucket to wash dishes, sink with no water

The owner of Seafood Sensations in Antioch told a Health Inspector Thursday that he cooked 20 pounds of rice in the kitchen of their home and brought it to the restaurant to be served to the public. Additional factors that contributed to the score of 61 included being open without approval or any permits, thawing raw chicken on a table, having cooked rice four days past the last use date, steamed food not at temperature, having no running water at the dish sink, no sanitizer or bleah at dish sink – the owner stated was using a bucket of water to wash dishes.

Antioch: Taqueria El Millon reused pepper salad already served to another customer, per Health Dept

The Tennessee Department of Health conducted a routine inspection of Taqueria El Millon #3 at 5325 Mt. View Road in Antioch on Thursday. Among the violations that earned the restaurant a score of 65 on the inspection: An employee reused leftover pepper salad that wasn’t eaten by a customer and served it to another. Employees were also washing their hands using only water, no soap.