Antioch: Taqueria El Millon reused pepper salad already served to another customer, per Health Dept

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The Tennessee Department of Health conducted a routine inspection of Taqueria El Millon #3 at 5325 Mt. View Road in Antioch on Thursday. Among the violations that earned the restaurant a score of 65 on the inspection: An employee reused leftover pepper salad that wasn’t eaten by a customer and served it to another. Employees were also washing their hands using only water, no soap.

A complete list of violations:

  • 6: Employee observed washing hands without soap. CA: employees educated about proper handwashing procedures.
  • 13: Raw shell eggs store with sliced avocado on Prep-cooler 1. CA: eggs properly stored.
  • 14: Employee observed rinsing and wiping dirty tongs without using the proper wash, rinse, sanitize, and dry process.
  • 15: Employee observed reusing pepper salad previously served to another customer. CA: PIC educated that food already served to a customer may not be reused and must be discarded.
  • 20: Chicken in storage Reach-in cooler reading 45 degrees. CA: chicken moved to cooler to chill.
  • 26: Unlabeled chemical spray bottle on top oven near dishes. CA: chemicals properly stored.
  • 36: There is a significant gap between the ground and the base of the back door.
  • 36: Back door propped open.
  • 37: Purse stored with ready-to-eat food at front dry storage.
  • 37: Ice scoop stored with handle touching ice.
  • 37: Multiple drinks in cans and bottles with screw top caps on prep tables and on shelves near cooked/ready-to-eat foods.
  • 39: Multiple wet clothes on prep tables.
  • 42: Spoons at drink station not stored handle side up.
  • 43: Single service trays not stored upside down.
  • 49: No backflow device installed on mop sink.
  • 52: Dumpster doors not closed.
  • 55: Permit not posted.
  • 56: Inspection not posted.
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