Seafood Sensation scores 61, was cooking food in home kitchen, using bucket to wash dishes, sink with no water

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The owner of Seafood Sensations in Antioch told a Health Inspector Thursday that he cooked 20 pounds of rice in the kitchen of their home and brought it to the restaurant to be served to the public. Additional factors that contributed to the score of 61 included being open without approval or any permits, thawing raw chicken on a table, having cooked rice four days past the last use date, steamed food not at temperature, having no running water at the dish sink, no sanitizer or bleah at dish sink – the owner stated was using a bucket of water to wash dishes.

Violations included:

  • No employee health policy present.
  • No splash guard on the hand sink next to the front Prep table.
  • No paper towels at the front hand sink.
  • No splash guard on Back hand sink By triple sink sanitizer bay.
  • Owner stated cooked rice stored in sliding door cooler is cooked at home and brought in to serve CA discard 20lbs, discuss not to provide and or serve food from unapproved sources such as home
  • Raw shell eggs stored above bottle mango kool-aid in sliding door cooler.
  • The faucet at the wash sink bay of the triple sink does not have running hot and cold water to properly clean and sanitize dishes. The owner states he uses a bucket to pour water into the wash bay.
  • No bleach is present to sanitize dishes at the triple sink. PIC stated he poured it in the drains.
  • Steam corn and steamed broccoli are not maintained at 135F or above on the steam well.
  • No date on portion-cooked rice. Another pan of portion cooked rice dated 1/2/23 was stored four days past the refrigeration storage time span.
  • Chemical spray bottle stored with seasonings under prep table.
  • Thawing raw chicken out at room temp on the table by the triple sink.
  • No thermometers in the three deep freezers that are used as coolers. No thermometer in the Deep freezer by the Triple sink.
  • Unlabeled bins are stored on the Prep table by front hand sink.
  • Employee open twist top water bottle stored on shelf with seasoning rack.
  • Barewood storage unit used to store paper products inside the kitchen.
  • Using cardboard as liners for the chemical shelf.
  • Water sprays from the back of the faucet spout above the sanitizer/rinse sink bay on the triple sink when the water is on.
  • The back-flow device on the mop sink is leaking and spraying when water is running.
  • Missing cover trash can in employee back restroom.
  • Open without approval or application of permit.
  • Missing no smoking signs on all entry doors.

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