Hillary Wofford speeds down Buena Vista Pike in stolen U-Haul truck

36-year-old Hillary Ann Wofford was speeding in a stolen U-Haul truck on Buena Vista Pike near Mike Shields Court on December 20th. Officers observed the U-Haul speeding, failing to stop at a red light, crossing a double yellow line, and entering a lane of oncoming traffic to pass a vehicle. A check of the vehicle tag revealed the U-Haul truck was reported stolen on December 19th. Officers then initiated a traffic stop on the truck and detained both occupants, including Wofford. Upon further investigation, Wofford was discovered to be the one renting the U-Haul that was supposed to be returned on December 17th. Hillary Wofford was taken into custody for theft of a motor vehicle on December 20th.

Shanel Walker stabs woman in face during altercation

31-year-old Shanel Hargrove Walker stabbed Sonya Moore in the face at JC Napier Court on December 20th. Officers arrived and observed a gash on the left side of Moore’s face. Moore was unable to speak due to her injuries and was transported to Vanderbilt. Officers then spoke with a witness who described Walker. The witness stated that a black female who was about 4’11, dressed in all grey, with no shoes and a mask on, had stabbed Moore in the face and fled eastbound on Lewis Street. While officers were collecting evidence, the witness pointed out Walker was returning to the scene. Walker matched the description provided by the witness and was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

DUI: Catherine Wood drives across oncoming traffic into brick wall

29-year-old Catherine Wood was involved in a single-car accident on December 28th. Officers were advised that she drove her vehicle across the oncoming lane of travel and wrecked into someone’s brick driveway wall. Wood was visibly intoxicated, consented to sobriety tests, and performed poorly. She was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Travis Mitchell failed to appear in court for driving while using his cellphone in 2022

36-year-old Travis Ramsey Mitchell drove down Old Hickory Boulevard while looking down at his cell phone in December 2022. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and cited him for the violation. He failed to appear in court and was issued an arrest warrant. Mitchell was booked on the citation for driving with a cell device on December 28th.

Brandon Taylor sucker punches ex-girlfriend during argument over relationship

31-year-old Brandon Taylor had an altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Mackenzie Coulter, at Laurel Park Drive on December 27th. Coulter spoke with officers and advised them Taylor had returned from work and began arguing with her about their relationship. Then, he sucker-punched her in the face, leaving a black eye. She then started crying on the bed when Taylor grabbed her hair with one hand and her neck with the other, strangling her and causing a blood vessel to burst in her left eye. Taylor was taken into custody for aggravated assault on December 28th.

Debora Allen breaks roommate’s glass mugs during argument over living situation

57-year-old Debora Renee Allen had a domestic dispute with her roommate, Scott Dubrey, at Grove Creek Avenue late December 27th. Dubrey spoke with officers, advising them Allen had entered the apartment yelling for no reason and began throwing things to the ground and breaking his glass mugs. Then, he stated that she grabbed him from behind, leaving a scratch on his ear that started bleeding. When they spoke with Allen, she told them she did not know what started the disagreement but believed it was because she wanted him out of the apartment. She admitted to being upset and damaging his items but insisted she never touched him. Allen was deemed the aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism.

Christian Hutcherson cited for driving Nissan Altima with wrong tags in 2021, booked 2 years later

25-year-old Christian Hutcherson drove a 2005 Nissan Altima with tags registered to a 2004 Jeep on Rivergate Parkway late June 30th, 2021. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and cited him for the violation. He was booked on the citation of unlawful removal of a plate decal and driving on a canceled license over two years later, on December 28th, 2023.

Brendon Leggs caught driving stolen vehicle with multiple minors

19-year-old Brendon Leggs drove a stolen vehicle near Factory Street and Creek Street on December 27th. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and noticed two additional occupants as they approached the driver’s side. They were both verified to be juveniles and were transported to Juvenile Detention. Leggs was taken into custody for the theft of a vehicle and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Tyler Dixon steals two 24-packs of Bud Light on Christmas Eve

39-year-old Tyler Dixon was caught stealing at the Shell Station on Hermitage Avenue late Christmas Eve. Johnisha Denise Hodges, a Shell Station employee, advised officers that a black male dressed as a woman walked into the store, grabbed two 24-packs of Bud Light, and exited without paying for them. She stated the store has an active trespass file regarding Dixon and is seeking prosecution for trespassing and theft. Officers observed him walking down Almond Street carrying the Bud Light, which he later admitted to stealing. They found a glass pipe in his purse during a subsequent search, and he told them it was used to smoke crack cocaine. Additionally, they were notified about an arrest warrant he has out of Bedford County. Dixon was taken into custody for theft of merchandise, criminal trespass, and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia on December 25th.

18-Year-Old Treonte Harrison caught with 54 grams of marijuana at Pearl Cohn High School

18-year-old Treonte Harrison was in possession of 54 grams of marijuana at Pearl Cohn High School on November 27th. He had a few plastic baggies, but nothing indicative of the sales of narcotics, so he was cited for the violation. He was booked on the citation of simple possession on December 22nd.